Get your PS Move Controllers ready! Yupitergrad is landing on PSVR on February 25th!

The unique, critically acclaimed puzzle-platformer is coming to PSVR later this month. Also, the physical edition from Perp Games is going to be available on the 12th of March!

Here it is – new and shiny, the Yupitergrad for PlayStation VR! Every owner of that platform can start their cosmic adventure on February 25th so get ready Comrades! You will also be able to get a physical edition of the game from Perp Games on March 12th. Isn’t that a folk dream come true? We bet you can feel the rush already!

Unique and appreciated

Yupitergrad is a stylized and unique looking single-player, Dieselpunk in the space VR game, packed with over 50 levels, crazy platforming stunts, special puzzles, riddles, and lots of humor. The recent Oculus Quest version of Yupitergrad got over 100 positive reviews in the Oculus Quest Store and it is being very well received by reviewers and players alike. REALLY WELL RECEIVED, COMRADES!

  • The game is smooth as silk and the swinging and momentum mechanics make sense. The puzzles throughout and the way past various obstacles is also always perfectly conveyed.Shacknews
  • Now, these guys know how to party!Life of Boris
  • Innovative VR Platforming That’s As Much Hard Work As It Is FunUpload VR

As you probably know, Yupitergrad got tweaked a little here and there before the Oculus Quest release, so there are new activities waiting for you! A challenging and utmost fun Time Attack mode will be waiting when you start your mission on February 25th.

Time Attack means more time with the game – 20 beautifully crafted levels with pumping gopnik hard bass playing in the background that were designed by the best specialist in Motherland, each of whom got their share of compot and mayonnaise for their hard work. You can also compare your records on global leaderboards. Compete bravely for the glory of Motherland!

Dear Comrades owning PlayStation VR – get the game as soon as you can! Either as a digital version on February 25th or a physical edition on March 12th. It’s a duty to the Motherland to do so! Get ready Comrades!

Social Spaciety, out!

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