Ghostopia Releases on Roblox, Partnership with The Addams Family 2

Today, metaverse developer and publisher Supersocial announced the next phase of Ghostopia, a multiplayer RPG available exclusively on Roblox. Built by a team with both extensive AAA pedigree and Roblox expertise, Ghostopia delivers stellar graphics, an engaging world, and a welcoming multiplayer environment.

As a sign of the next level of polish and craftsmanship, Supersocial games and experiences bring to the Roblox platform, Ghostopia’s city of customizable haunted mansions and loveable ghosts will also welcome the creepy and kooky Addams Family for a limited-time Halloween event starting today, in partnership with MGM and United Artists Releasing’s new film, The Addams Family 2. Denizens of Ghostopia can embark on a scavenger hunt for the Addams Family’s lost postcards, with exclusive mansion decorations available for those who collect them all.

This partnership is only one of the many astonishing elements coming to the world of Ghostopia as Supersocial will continue to provide exciting and unexpected new content that all players will enjoy. The partnership with The Addams Family 2 is merely the first of several planned experiences that will invite fans into this unique part of the metaverse.

In Ghostopia, hauntings are a good thing, as players seek ways to invite spirits into their lavish, uniquely personalized mansions. Collectible ghosts, including ones based on historical figures and famous fictional characters, are acquired by completing story-based quests. The more players participate in the customization and upgrading of their mansions, the more the entire Ghostopia experience continues to evolve.

An all-new addition to the Roblox platform, Ghostopia delivers stellar graphics, fun interactive NPCs, unique items, and captivating gameplay giving it the authentic appeal of a AAA game. However, Ghostopia is not just an average RPG; its one-of-a-kind open world provides an environment for residents of the spooky town to roam freely from downtown to the mystic forest, collect materials to conjure into items and socialize with other players.

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