Gimli becomes GIMBL, the social betting platform for streamers

Sitting at his computer, Will is currently playing his favorite game. His webcam is on: he’s streaming and people are watching! But he’s still not earning enough to make a living… He’s doing everything he can: his level of play is really good, and his content attracts a decent number of viewers. He just can’t seem to earn enough money without downgrading the quality of his streams, through invasive product placement or noisy advertisement.

If only he had a way to put food on the table while making his stream funnier…

Enter Gimbl.

From Gimli to Gimbl

What is Gimbl? Gimbl is a developing social betting platform that wants to change in the long run how streamers interact with their viewers. Using live pari-mutuel betting, content producers will have a brand new mean of monetizing their content, while engaging with their audiences in a truly unique way.

Maybe you remember a somewhat similar service that went by the name of Gimli? Well, after recruiting a top-notch development and legal team to start on solid ground, we decided it was time for a new identity. After reaching out to selected professional streamers and players, we settled for Gimbl, a more immersive and esports themed name, that we hope people will remember.

The goal of Gimbl has always been to find a way to make live-streaming video games a better, more durable experience, both on the viewer and the streamer side. And with all the features that we are working on, we are striving to achieve just that.

Betting & Esports

During streams, from independent streamers or during competitions, the Gimbl platform will grant access to several features that will create a fun and engaging experience both for the streamers and their viewers. Through a variety of interactions, the viewers will be able to take part in :

  • Pari-mutuel betting (user against user)
  • Challenges
  • Donations
  • Votes

You will be able to bet on all your favorite streamers & competitions!

As a betting system dedicated to the streamers and their audience first, streamers will be able to control all the parameters of the bets, while taking a cut on all placed bets.

Gimbl doesn’t control the bets itself and believes that the streamers should have full control over their activities and content.

Safety First

With money involved, our primary consideration has been to make sure every transaction will be totally safe and transparent using two very simple tools: blockchain and a KYC & AML policy.

Through the blockchain, we make sure that any money transaction of our users will be safe and recorded for everyone to see.

Thanks to the KYC & AML policy, our users will have to verify their age to access our services. Like game editors, Gimbl is fighting to protect young people.

By unlocking a completely new set of interactions between the streamers and their audience, Gimbl provides a new, fun and safe way to help streamers make a living and upgrade the experience for their viewers.

Coming soon to a stream near you!

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