GamingLyfe Network continued with its third episode of “The Real Deal with Akil” on Tuesday, December 11th at 6:00 PM PST. The stylish, smooth Akil returns as the memorable host … sporting a teal suit with a Dragonite pin (and impressed viewers with some epic magic tricks with Pokémon cards). Also making a memorable return were Akil’s dragon beanie and spoken words of wisdom.

The latest in gaming news started with The Game Awards 2018. The game of the year title was presented to “God of War” plus best game direction and best action/adventure categories. “Red Dead Redemption II” won in four different categories including best narrative and best score. Not surprisingly, “Fortnite” won for best multiplayer. Then “Dragonball FighterZ” took home the title for best fighting game (which came as a surprise to some considering the latest release of “Soulcalibur VI”) … As for “Elder Scrolls” updates, be sure to complete the latest quest in order to collect the bottomless mead reward plus additional holiday-theme collectables. Also, don’t miss the chance to sign the petition to include Grandma Shirley to be in the game!

In addition to “Fortnite” trends, have you heard of the latest hashtag going around? #fortniteblockparty is to encourage player-created islands to be posted on social media and, the ones with most popularity could be featured in an upcoming season for gamers to play on! Remember to follow the appropriate rules and regulations though (like no porn or hate speech) and your island could be the next map shared with the gaming community!

Nintendo had some interesting headliners as well. The Switch device accomplished the largest sales generated in the company’s history solely due to the purchases made between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday. Additionally, Nintendo admitted that they’d love to have “Red Dead Redemption II” available to play on the Switch. However, due to the development cycle between the game itself and the Switch, scheduling didn’t work out in time to make this idea become reality.

As for the interview portion and featured highlight of the segment, Akil talked with Alena Alambeigi and Jason Higa from Xseed Games (described as an American gaming company that’s heavily influenced and inspired by Japanese culture). “Gungrave” dropped the day of this episode which made the conversation and walkthrough that much more exciting! Akil played it on PlayStation VR while the GL stream did a giveaway for three codes for three winners … As a surprise to viewers and Akil, KingMeach (from The King and The Nerd) popped into the studio along with OneTrackPunch (another GamingLyfe Network team member) as well as QueenTrishy (streamer from KingQueen Gaming). This group collaboration was an unexpected yet enjoyable dynamic on the stream … and finished with Akil and KingMeach explaining the brief holiday “pause” for the GamingLyfe Network and the big return for the New Year.

Be sure to catch “The Real Deal with Akil” via on Tuesday night at 6:00 PM PST. Viewers can enjoy the latest in gaming news and interviews … and also go to to experience additional GamingLyfe Network content.

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