Global Game Jam 2020 Winner LightBreak Launches Kickstarter

Deev Interactive has announced the launch of their Kickstarter for the upcoming award-winning narrative-driven musical puzzle adventure LightBreak. Featuring stunning hand-drawn art, and an innovative approach to audio-driven game design, LightBreak tackles themes of communicating difficult experiences, self-reflection and growth, and the timeless conflict of good vs evil.

In LightBreak players will go on an emotional and musical journey as Ava who is seeking revenge against the sorcerer-king Mana for taking her mother’s sight many years ago. While on her quest for vindication, Ava’s voice is stolen by Mana. When she returns home to her mother Ava wishes to recount the tales of her journey. With the loss of her voice and her mother’s sight to contend with Ava communicates using a magical instrument called the Saaz.

Awarded Best Game in the 2020 Global Game Jam and winner of the Best in Georgia award for 2020 by the Georgia Game Developers Association, LightBreak’s fusion of music creation and puzzle solving is aimed to be a feast for the eyes and ears. Mentoring Deev Interactive as they work to bring LightBreak to life will be BAFTA award-winning producer of Frequency, Tim Ryan.

With the launch of their Kickstarter Deev Interactive is inviting players to help shape the game throughout its development with backer tiers, including access to the development Discord, alpha and beta access, and even working alongside the developers to create a new level of the game. Incorporating the game’s focus on blending stunning visual and audio elements; Kickstarter backers can choose to receive digital portraits drawn in the game’s art style, original art pieces that they can watch being created live on Twitch, a copy of the game’s soundtrack as well as a 3D printed version of the Saaz.

LightBreak will be coming to PC, Mac, Linux, and mobile platforms. Players can back LightBreak on Kickstarter beginning today for the next 30 days.

Game features include:

  • A story-driven adventure about communicating and connecting with family.
  • Discover soundscapes as Ava works through the emotions of her travels.
  • Create stunning visual representations of Ava’s thoughts through the music of the Saaz.
  • Interactive audio design by an award-winning composer.
  • Ephemeral hand-drawn art and animation.
  • Creative mode that supports level creation.
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