Graceful Explosion Machine Review

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First impression of the game. Game starts very interesting 2D cinematic that resembles something of what the original astroid’s would probably have if graphic design was where it is now. The first three levels are your basic tutorial. The main character or character of interest you play as is a orange rocket ship. The controls are simple. I play on a keyboard but it is cross compatible with a controller. On the Keyboard they are up down left and right. ASD for your weapons. The game offers two weapons up front. A shooter weapon , and a energy sword which circles the rocket you drive in a 360 degree pattern and acts like a melee weapon. Also there is a flip for your character using the space bar. The flip basically is the two dimensional way of saying face left or right on your screen.

The game so far is very colorful with quite pleasant music that makes you feel like you are in the 80’s era. The colors are very vibrant. A lot of PURPLE and PINK variations. In the second level offer you yet more weaponry being the Sniper Beam. This weapon is concentrated for HIGH sustained damage. Mostly used for bigger enemies. Also the ability called DASH, this ability allows you to sprint undamaged thru enemy’s to get to a safer area or position of your choosing. The point of this game is simply to kill ALL enemies with your flying rocket which can actually be quite challenging due to the style of game-play and controls if you are not used to using them. Next up is Level 3, they start you out with yet again another weapon!!! ARE you kidding this is awesome!!! I mean who doesn’t like weapons right! Even better they give you missiles!! The W button to use and to top it off they are frigging’ HOMING!!. You can spam it or tap for your own usage control. OK as far as the enemy’s are considered, enemy’s are repetitive but they come in massive increments which make gameplay very very intense as you try to kill the set number per level. Ever level has 3 the combat makes you utilize almost all your abilities which makes for a extremely fun play style if you like this style of 2 dimensional gaming. The enemy’s are very repetitive there are snake like creatures which seemed to be tethered to the ground. 4-5 different flying varieties of enemy’s ones that shoot spike balls, heavier enemy’s designed for the sniper beam and your 2 beginner enemy’s your most common and beginner enemy’s which are  basically one hit and the second being a 2 hit with an enrage if you hit it only once where it charges.


In my opinion it is like Contra meets Astroid’s , being it is a ship and a side scroller. Minus the fact you can move up and down and the map is never ending, you can also go in reverse. Overall in my opinion the game is solid, very fast paced and enjoyable. I kind of wish they made a multiplayer like Contra because the action is so fast paced as a shooter. The game overall tho gets a bit repetitive minus the different variations of enemy’s. My biggest complaint is how the enemy’s spawn! they give you a WARNING  so you can get the jump on them. This definitely ruins the shock value where is the mystery spawn kind of feeling that gets you excited!!! I would love to see this game more for a mobile device versus a steam PC game. I am sure they can think of something to make it work. It has a lot of nice qualities but the repetitiveness of the mission only killing a set number of enemies is just not satisfying enough to hold my interest. If they made a race mode thru enemies and beat a timer for a specific mission that would be a nice touch. All tho it was quite enjoyable. I MOOPOWERTV # lightningbolt dub thee a 3.5 out of 5 as a single player 2d game. Find Graceful Explosion Machine on steam for about $12.99 i felt it was more around the $5-$6 category. All in all good times playing. # Enjoy

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