Grand Summoners Includes Heroines of KILL la KILL Anime for a Limited Time

Best-Selling Mobile JRPG Includes Three Characters from the Fan-Favorite Anime

Grand Summoners, the best-selling mobile JRPG, breaks down dimensional barriers to bring the heroines of fan-favorite anime KILL la KILL to mobile games for the first time ever in an explosive month-long event starting today.

The powerful KILL la KILL heroines, Ryuko, Satsuki, and Mako are now available in the Global version of Grand Summoners on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices for a limited time. Until May 16, 2018, fans of the KILL la KILL anime will be able to use these characters, along with their explosive moves, in the fantasy world of “Raktehelm.” While collecting equipment inspired by the anime, players will be able to use the heroines in an original story featuring the best of both worlds of Grand Summoners and KILL la KILL.

“Featuring Ryuko, Satsuki, and Mako from the fan-favorite anime KILL la KILL, our first-ever global collaboration is sure to thrill players whether they’re newcomers to the game, fans of the anime, or part of the Grand Summoners community,” said Yamagishi Masayuki, Producer, NextNinja, Co. Ltd. “By using the KILL la KILL units, players will have their item drop rate increased. This is a great way for our players to get some of the new limited items available during the collaboration.”

In this new collaboration players will face dimension-travelling “Life Fibers” who are overtaking life in the lush forests of Raktehelm. The three heroines from KILL la KILL suddenly appear in an apparent rupture in the time-space fabric, causing players to wonder if they are friend or foe to the heroes of the Grand Summoner. Packed with hours of time-limited exclusive gameplay, players can satisfy their KILL la KILL fandom while also discovering the rich gameplay and story of Grand Summoners.

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