Great Houses Of Calderia Extended Gameplay Preview, Steam Next Fest Demo

Crusader Kings III inspired Great Houses of Calderia will be playable for the first time at next week’s Next Fest. For seven days you’ll be able to scheme and rule over your kingdom while building your family’s legacy of power. There’s also a new trailer below to showcase some of its gameplay. If you’ve time to let your readers know that’d be great and if you’d like an early key before the demo goes live, please let me know and I’ll send one over!

Great Houses of Calderia, the ambitious grand strategy game that invites would-be rulers to claim their birthright, is heading to Steam’s Summer Next Fest. Developed by Finnish developer, Resistance Games, and published by Firesquid Games, players will be able to begin their legacy for the very first time ahead of its Early Access release later this year.

Available as a public demo for 7 days from June 13th – 20th, 2022 Great Houses of Calderia is a delicate blend of Crusader Kings III meets Game of Thrones. Players will take on the role of one of the many great houses of Calderia as they rule across the land. From forging new alliances and dispatching trade delegates, to appointing key members of your family to vital roles in trade, espionage, negotiation and military conflict, management of their actions and influence is integral to expanding your reputation and maintaining a grip over Calderia.

Whether your family’s rule will be remembered as a beloved dynasty or an age of tyranny is up to you. Defining your family’s traditions and forming diplomatic relations with neighboring houses is imperative if you’re to create long-standing relationships. The game also offers an array of unique characters that can act of their own volition during your reign, there’s a constant sense of dynamism as their actions – good or bad – can cause ripples in what were once strong alliances.

Offering full mod support on release, Great Houses of Calderia allows the community to forge their own stories centered around its unique world. Players are encouraged to share their adventures for a focused, highly replayable experience.

Great Houses of Calderia can be wishlisted now on Steam and its playable demo will be live on June 13th, 2022.

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