Green Hell Invites Players to Get Dirty in the Mud Update

Creepy Jar is happy to invite players to get dirty (but not too dirty) in the 4th major patch for survival game Green Hell, the Mud Update. Now live, and free for everyone who has purchased the game, the Green Hell Mud Update is the final piece on the Green Hell Roadmap before the game’s full release later this summer. While the development team at Creepy Jar now looks ahead to completing the full story mode, players can experience a plethora of new changes to the game including a brand new building resource in the form of mud that will drastically alter the way players can set up their camps. Build a more secure camp with mud walls and even build a forge where you can use iron, the new crafting resource, to create new weapons and armors.

Green hell

Continuing their focus on listening to the Green Hell community, Creepy Jar has also implemented a number of changes and fixes alongside this update. Find a detailed changelog on their steam page and see a list of the major additions in the update below;

  • Hygiene System – You’re going to get dirty, you’ll have to clean up
  • Additional Building Resource – Mud
  • Additional Crafting Resource – Iron
  • New Constructions – Mud Charcoal Furnace, Forge, Mud Water Filter/Collector, Mud Mixer, Shower, Storage
  • New Modular Mud Buildings – Wall, Window Wall, Fireplace Wall, Shed Wall, Roof
  • New Item – Metal Armor
  • New Iron Weapons – Blade, Axe, Spear, Pickaxe, Arrow
  • New Language – Hungarian
  • New Notebook Bookmark – Mud
  • New Challenge – Blacksmith

Mud Structure

For a look at what’s coming down the line for Green Hell, take a look at the Green Hell Roadmap!

Green Hell Roadmap

Green Hell is now available on Steam Early Access at a list price of $19.99 USD

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