Green Hell Launches the Animal Update – Pumas n’ Spiders n’ Lizards, Oh My!

Creepy Jar continues to work diligently on their open-world survival simulator, Green Hell and today they’re releasing their first big update to the game, the Animal Update. Detailed in the Green Hell Roadmap just a few weeks ago, the Animal Update brings so much more to the game than just additional creepy crawlies to the Early Access title with new medicinal plants and herbs, modular shelter options, and even a new challenge!

The humid depths of the Amazon rain forest have never been more dangerous with the addition of predators like the Puma and the Brazilian Wandering Spider, but all hope is not lost. The ability to create your own shelter will now offer a safe haven from the hazards of the outside world and new remedies can be found among the plants and herbs of the lush rain forest foliage. How long can you survive against the dangers of the unknown? See all the new features and additions below;

Animal Update Additions

GH Animal update

    • Two Armadillo Species
    • Bats
    • Brazilian Wandering Spider
    • Puma
    • Toucan
    • Tapir
    • Red-Footed Tortoise
    • Caiman Lizard
    • Discover new medicinal cures for your illnesses
    • Food Dryer – Preserve your food to last longer
    • Lumber Stand – Keep your camp tidy with storage for the wood you collect
    • Configure your undefined shelter layout with the modular construction system

    • 10 different species, 10 different hunts to complete your challenge

Focusing on listening to their community while constantly looking to improve the Green Hell experience, Creepy Jar has also made a massive number of changes and fixes which you can find in the detailed changelog on Steam.

Green Hell is now available on Steam Early Access at a list price of $19.99 USD

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