Greyhill Incident Abducted Edition Introduces Found Footage Mode and Physical Edition

Perp Games and Refugium Games have revealed that the upcoming Greyhill Incident Abducted Edition will include a ‘Found Footage’ mode, allowing players to experience the whole game through a new perspective. The Abducted Edition will be available on Next Gen consoles and PC, both digitally and physically, on June 9th, 2023, alongside the Standard Edition.

Greyhill Incident Abducted Edition Features:

  1. Found Footage Mode: The Greyhill Incident Abducted Edition introduces a ‘Found Footage’ mode, which enables players to play the entire game from a unique perspective, enhancing the survival-horror atmosphere.
  2. Next Gen Consoles and PC Release: The game will be available on Next Gen consoles and PC, giving players across various platforms the opportunity to experience the gripping story and immersive gameplay.
  3. Physical PS5 Edition: A physical edition of the Greyhill Incident Abducted Edition will be available for PlayStation 5. This edition includes several physical items, such as Bob’s manual for creating your own protective foil hat, adding an extra layer of immersion to the game.
  4. Story-Driven Survival-Horror Gameplay: Greyhill Incident takes place in the early 90s and follows the story of Ryan Baker, who is armed with a baseball bat and a few bullets in his revolver. Players must navigate the atmospheric neighborhood of Greyhill, which has been invaded by UFOs and Grey Aliens.
  5. Inspiration from Classic Sources: The game draws inspiration from ‘true incidents,’ books, TV shows, and films such as “Fire in the Sky,” “The X-Files,” “Communion,” and other historical works. Greyhill Incident is a tribute to the classic grey Alien and UFO topic, combining survival-horror with a touch of satire.

The Greyhill Incident Abducted Edition offers players an engaging survival-horror experience with its ‘Found Footage’ mode, providing a fresh perspective on the game’s gripping story. Available on Next Gen consoles and PC, the game’s Abducted Edition also includes a physical PS5 edition with bonus items for fans to enjoy. Mark your calendars for June 9, 2023, and prepare for an atmospheric journey through the invaded neighborhood of Greyhill.

Platforms: PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Xbox Series X | S

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