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The PCIe Gen3 X4 bandwidth utilizes NVMe technology on single M.2 SSD. This kind of fast access to system storage can do all kinds of things – improve loading time for programs, decrease boot time, increase overall system responsiveness, enable smoother previewing of very I/O heavy content in real time and much more.

To maximize the read and write speed on the gaming notebook, MSI Super RAID series technology is included. Now S versions of the MSI GT80 (Mobile Intel CM236 Chipset) Series using 6th Generation Intel™ Core® processors comes with Super RAID 4 technology.

Super RAID 4 storage solution, an MSI exclusive technology, enables disk read/write speeds to 3300MB/s and above with dual M.2 PCI-E Gen 3.0 x4 SSDs utilizing NVMe technology in RAID 0 storage configuration. MSI SuperRAID 4 technology is the market’s most advanced and fastest storage solution for hardcore gamers.


Pic.1 Now S versions of the MSI GT80 Series come with 2 x NVMe M.2 SSD by PCIe Gen3 X4 slot and 1 x SATA SSD slot.


Pic.2 SuperRAID 4 technology uses dual M.2 PCI-E Gen 3.0 x4 SSDs utilizing NVMe technology in RAID 0 storage configuration.


Pic.3 MSI GT80 Series’ two heatsink thermal solution on M.2 SSDs ensures high performance.

The picture below shows a 2280 M.2 SSD, and it conforms to the single-sided M.2 specifications. The M.2 SSD combines four lanes of PCIe 3.0 with state-of-the-art NVMe interface.





AIDA64 software is an industry-leading system information tool, loved by PC enthusiasts around the world. It not only provides extremely detailed information about both hardware and installed software, but also helps users todiagnose issues and offer benchmarks to measure the performance of the computer.

We used the Disk Benchmark tool available inside the program to test Super RAID 4 Performance on GT80S 6QF Titan SLI. The model has 2x NVMe PCI-E Gen.3 128GB SSDs to run MSI’s exclusive technology, the Super RAID 4 in RAID 0. The test result showed that the SSD Linear Read speed reached up to 3354.8MB/s.

Super RAID 4 storage solution will give you a noticeable performance boost over a PCIe Gen3 X4 M.2 SSD or SATA-based M.2 SSD or mechanical hard drive.


Pic.6 Super RAID 4 performance test

The Read/write speeds of Super RAID 4 is 18x faster than that of two 750GB 7200rpm HDD raid 0. Moreover, one more HDD can be installed in the same laptop (without any concerns whether there is enough internal space in the chassis) so that users may put the recovery system here for system backup or for more data space.

Super RAID 4 Storage Solution have greater performance, almost instantaneous data access, quicker boot ups, faster file transfers, faster load games and an overall snappier computing experience than hard drives.


The operation system is also installed on the Super RAID4 storage, the OS will boost in half the time. This solution for gamers successfully decreases waiting time and can now open large files much faster than before.
The GT80 or new GT models also have a fast and large HDD (1TB) which spins on 7200 RPM. You can store all your favorite video-, audio-,game-, and back-up files. It is indeed a very powerful and convenient feature for hardcore gamers.

The GT80 or new GT models will come with Super RAID4 storage solution.

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