Guardian Gets Awakening Skill Set + Third Succession Expansion

In today’s update, the console version of Black Desert boosts the Guardian class with a new Awakening skill set, and expands Succession to Guardian, as well as Tamer, Mystic, and Valkyrie.

Guardian can now wield Jördun, a blade burning with the Holy Flame Ynix’s power. Swinging this razor-sharp weapon with ease, Guardian can unleash a wide array of flaming attacks.

Guardian’s Awakening Skills

  • Searing Fang: Charge forward in a fiery explosion after smashing Jördun down on the ground.
  • God Incinerator : Slam Jördun on the ground, causing an earth-scorching eruption of fire around Guardian.
  • Cleansing Flame: Spin around and slash across in a powerful circular swing, spreading Jördun’s flames in an AOE attack that incinerates any enemies in the way.
  • Infernal Nemesis: Fly up into the air using the power of the Holy Flame and swoop down to scorch enemies.

Other Updates

  • Succession also expands to Tamer, Mystic, and Valkyrie classes.
  • Special rewards for leveling Tamer, Mystic and Valkyrie classes to 58. Exclusive Guardian quests also reward players with Advice of Valks, Blessed Message Scroll, and Item Collection Increase Scroll.
  • Between 11/18 and 12/2, the “Hot Time” event returns, now running for two weeks, where players can earn 200% more combat EXP, 30% more skill EXP, and 50% more item drops.

Thanksgiving events

  • Grow special potatoes in a garden and exchange a bountiful harvest for Advice of Valks.
  • Pearl Shop Black Friday sales on items in the the pet, interior, and camp categories.
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