Gunnar Optiks Lightning Bolt 360 Review

as we enter a new decade of gaming technology here in 2020, we also face a worldwide Pandemic keeping us closer to our computer screens than ever. Sales in the gaming industry seem to be booming which has resulted in more gamers gaming. Gunnar recently announced what they are calling the “Holy Grail” of gaming glasses in the new Lighting Bolt 360. Gunnar has stated that over 15 years of lens technology innovation, frame design experience, and gamer feedback have been engineered into this product ultimately delivering the most versatile pair of gaming glasses in the world priced starting at $129.99.

Most importantly comfort makes gaming eyewear most attractive, especially for the late-night crew gaming sessions that can go longer than 8 hours. At first glance, the locker case is really large inside you will find interchangeable temples, three nose bridge sizes, 2 sets of lenses (Sun and Amber), and a wrap-around frame for comfort. I am usually the guy who has issues with frame comfort, in this case, I ended up equipping the red plastic temples with the large nose bridge and amber lenses. All the available components snap into glasses making it easy to change depending on use at any time. These are no doubt more comfortable than any other Gunnar’s or gaming eyewear I have ever worn. One size fits all is always a problem even with the soft bendable metal temples on some of the other models, after hours of gaming they will take a toll. When comparing the comfort level of the large size nose bridge included with the LB360’s to nose bridge on the Pendleton’s we reviewed a while back the LB360’s is much higher. At my head size, I felt almost no pressure on any side of the glasses and it most definitely increased my wear time. I believe most people will be able to find a combination of included components that will deliver the same comfort I am receiving.

It’s important to know that the most important function of buying eyewear like this is to protect your eyes. Gunnar’s patented lens technology reduces digital eye strain, prevents dry eyes, blocks blue light, minimizes glare, and helps you sleep better. Included in the kit you will find the Amber lens at 65 on the Blue Light Protection Factor scale which measures eye protection at the peak of the blue light spectrum of 450 nanometers. I believe the Amber 65 is the perfect balance for gamers due to the amount of color that needs to be added to the lens as you go higher into the BLPF scale. Amber Max 98 is the highest BLPF lens available from Gunnar at this time, but you will sacrifice the true color of the game. Also included is the Sun BLPF 90 lens which is designed for use outdoors giving it an added bonus for daily lifestyle use. These are also available for a prescription range between +2.00 to -2.00 at the price of $350.

While the Lighting Bolt 360 is designed mainly for gaming/computer use I believe Gunnar is making an effort to expand its daily lifestyle use as well. Including the Sun lens does give it added functionality outdoors however the overall design of the glasses lacks style and might not work for most in a daily lifestyle environment. In my eye’s performance is the goal here with its Polycarbonate Lens Index 1.59 ultra-light frame with a premium anti-reflective coating. A 12-month standard warranty takes away some of the questions you might have about the snap-on system. As of now, we have not had any issues with components breaking or becoming loose due to being swapped in and out. I would however like to see some kind of test results or guarantee that the product will not be coming loose or broken due to being snapped out of the pressure fit on occasion. Normally products that have pressure fits like these tend to lose structural integrity after time, but that story is yet to be told. The price point is right on for what your getting, I will be wearing these during my gaming sessions!

Gunnar Optiks releases its Lightning Bolt 360 as their new flagship gaming glasses. An interchangeable frame allows you to get the right level of comfort and performance you need when gaming. While they still lack a bit on the style for daily use you can now switch out the lens to accommodate the outdoor sun or be optimized for gaming and blue light protection. Priced at $129.99 you will get a peak performance and comfort worth every penny.
  • Interchangeable lenses
  • Mix and match components for maximum comfort and performance
  • Ultra-light weight
  • Not stylish enough for daily lifestyle use
  • No test results regarding the snap on system usage
Design - 10
Quality - 8
Performance - 10
Style - 8
Price - 9
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