Heavy Metal Machines’ Season 5 brings the destruction to Rockaway Beach

Heavy Metal Machines is ready to let players enjoy the summer vacations having a good time on the beach… by ripping each other to shreds in high-octane deadly combat! Season 5: Rockaway Beach is now live on the rock’n’roll vehicle combat PC MOBA, bringing more than 100 fresh rewards to players, as well as new songs, an awesome emote mechanic and a lethal pilot: Vulture.

The 17th playable character and first biker in the Heavy Metal Machines roster, Vulture is the former member of a bounty hunter motorcycle gang that was transposed into a Golem to cheat death and live in an eternal deadly hunt. Vulture is an interceptor, specialized in causing fatal damage to opponents by combining his weapons at the right time.

Season 5 also brings emotes into the fray, equipable items that players can use to express themselves as they pound their enemies into submission. Players can earn more emotes as rewards and in the ingame store, and up to five emotes can be equipped in each match. New songs have also arrived in game and on the main menu, and the Metal God Arena has also received a new thematic visual.

Along with all these features, a new Metal League edition is also coming on August 10th. So train alone or with friends and get your engines and weapons ready for another open competitive championship with cash prizes. If you are looking for teammates, get in the official Heavy Metal Machines Discord channel (http://bit.ly/2Q067ai) as the Community Managers are always welcome to help. All levels can participate in the championship and there are no entry fees.

From the Brazilian studio Hoplon, Heavy Metal Machines is a free-to-play adrenaline-fueled and rock’n’roll-inspired post-apocalyptic action MOBA in which players battle for control of a bomb. With more than a dozen playable characters, the game features dedicated servers and is available for free both on Steam or as a downloadable game client. More information about Heavy Metal Machines can be found on the official website. Follow the game on Facebook, Instagram and on Twitter.

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