Hero Shooter ‘The Machines Arena’ Steam Closed Beta Soon

Directive Games are crashing onto Steam with their intense hero shooter The Machines Arena. Hitting closed beta soon, you’ll need a quick trigger finger, strategic eye, and cool head to bring home the wins.

A quick trigger finger, strategic eye, and cool head are needed to claim victory as you master an all-new roster of heroes and dominate the opposing team!

Directive Games are thrilled to announce that their new competitive hero shooter The Machines Arena will be blasting into closed beta on the Steam store soon. As veterans in the augmented and mixed reality technology space, Directive Games are ready to make waves in competitive gaming with their fresh take on the hero shooter genre with an emphasis on short, explosive matches, social team play, and frantic combat.

The Machines Arena will hit the closed beta with 9 heroes spread across 3 distinct roles, all of which are available to play from the start. So whether soaking up damage in close combat with a Tank like Pyro, delivering AOE healing whilst slipping in long-range skill shots with support like Tesla, or putting some serious lead downrange and calling in orbital strikes in the assault with Zulu – there’s a hero for you and a fresh playstyle to master.

The beta will kick off with 2 flagship modes – Detonation; where you capture a bomb and deploy it at two different bomb sites whilst the other team tries to stop you, and Skirmish; a classic deathmatch-inspired race to a set number of kills. These will form a firm foundation for further modes to be added to in the future including Pushback; an objective-based mode where you try to push the payload into the enemy base while stopping them from pushing it into yours, and PvE modes where you’ll team up against whatever the devs can cook up to throw at you!

With a competitive ranked mode that names an ultimate champion each season, PvP mechanics with a low entry point but a high skill ceiling and an average match duration of under 10 minutes, The Machines Arena trims the fat off the conventional hero shooter formula to deliver lean, frantic gameplay built from the ground up for the competitive gaming scene.

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