Heroic Expedition a Norse Kingdom Mobile Game Coming soon

Earn incredible rewards, build a city, battle monsters in RPG combat – pre-register on Android now!

Come with DHGames on a quest for glory and treasure! Dust off your hunting horns and rev up your longboat for a grand Norse cartoon adventure in Heroic Expedition, available to pre-register on Google Play right now, and iOS will be coming soon. To celebrate the game’s upcoming launch, DHGames is giving players a chance to boost their ranks by redeeming the code HE77 for 30 Advanced Summoning Stones.

Heroic Expedition is a unique mix of RPG, roguelike, and city construction. In battle, players will challenge the Lord Of Disaster and his monster hordes in RPG-style combat. The spoils of war can then be spent on summoning more heroes to your cause and upgrading your kingdom. Players can reap the rewards of their adventures even when they’re offline as Heroic Expedition features a non-stop idle rewards system.

A kingdom without heroes is barely worth speaking of. In Heroic Expedition, players will assemble an army of colorful, beautifully detailed 3D heroes from five different Nordic-inspired factions. Collect, awaken and evolve them all, unlocking dazzling new skills for them to use on the battlefield. Create your dream team, configure your lineups and unleash them upon your enemies!

Players are free to direct battles themselves, or unleash their heroes in Auto-Battle mode, claiming loot whether they’re online or offline, idling or active. Challenge the Lord Of Disaster in PvE battles, form guilds with other players to support each other, or take your heroes to the arena to challenge other players around the world. Become the king of the arena for endless glory and mountains of riches, or just idle, upgrade and customize your heroes into the perfect monster-battling force.

Heroic Expedition Features:

  • Explore the Norse Fantasy through Heroic Expedition’s exquisite art style!
  • Fight against the Lord of Disaster, the source of the Divine Realm’s tragic fate.
  • Non-stop idle rewards! Your heroes battle and collect rewards even when offline!
  • Auto-battle and collect your loot with just one click!
  • Awaken and evolve epic heroes! Five factions of detailed 3D characters to collect!
  • Build your own dream team and unleash their dazzling skills on the battlefield!
  • Build and expand your city to unlock more features and gameplay!
  • Cultivate your heroes to challenge expeditions, labyrinths, and dimensional bosses in PvE!
  • Join a guild, fight alongside your comrades, build it up and get more resources for all!
  • Compete against rivals worldwide in global PvP! Claim glory for yourself and your guild!
  • Rise up the ranks, become king of the arena, and claim marvelous rewards!
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