High Noon VR and ‘Teslasuit’ Upgrade the VR Experience

High Noon VR has partnered with ‘Teslasuit’ to provide true Wild West action! Get the game now as part of Steam’s Lunar Sale at 20% off until February 19th.

High Noon VR, the acerbic and immersive wild-west shooting game for Steam VR, now allows players to go even deeper into the world of virtual reality. Thanks to the wearable ‘Teslasuit’, recently presented by the Teslasuit Project at the CES 2018 event, players can safely experience the bullet bounces and gun recoil of High Noon VR! ‘Teslasuit’, a new form of gaming peripheral, sends electrical impulses to targeted areas of the body to enable players to orientate themselves on the battlefield. Thanks to the Teslasuit Project, gamers can go even deeper into the world of both virtual and augmented realities to get a redefined VR experience, far beyond their wildest dreams!


High Noon VR is an exciting and funny shooter developed by Russian-based Octobox Interactiveand published by Buka Entertainment. Assume the role of sheriff of a small, isolated town in an undisclosed location in the Wild West. If the rigors of western life weren’t enough, the settlement has been besieged by hordes of bloodthirsty outlaws, all vying for control of the outpost you call home. Put on your favorite spurred boots, lock and load your faithful Colt, and get ready to show these punks who the law is around these parts. Become the savior this small town so desperately needs!

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  • Wild West Setting – Immerse yourself in the real western frontier – the scorching sun, prairies, and saloons. Fight and win in the colorful locations of the Wild West!
  • Huge arsenal of weapons – Take your pick of revolvers, rifles, and dynamite, or give an unconventional weapon a try (think harpoon). Choose and upgrade your weapons for maximum firepower – your life depends on it!
  • Skill rewards – Play “in style” – achieve goals via comboed take-downs and well-placed skill-shots to double your reward!
  • Become a weapon of justice – Enemies become more robust and bosses get deadlier with each new level and location — upgrade your arsenal and clear them out. Every enemy has a different appearance and mannerisms, but they all have a common goal – to get rid of the new sheriff.

High Noon VR is part of the Lunar New Year Sale on Steam at 20% off from Feb 15th to the 19th.


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