High School Esports League (HSEL) Delivers Free Competitive Gaming PCs and Accessories to High Schools Nationwide — in Partnership with MAINGEAR, Razer, and Viewsonic

High School Esports League (HSEL), the largest and longest-running competitive gaming organization serving high school students and teachers, announced a partnership with award-winning Windows PC system integrator MAINGEAR to launch the HSEL Esports Equipment Bundle hardware program. The program offers schools that sign up for three years of esports competition six high-end gaming PCs, Viewsonic gaming monitors, and Razer esports-optimized gaming peripherals.

HSEL 3 Year Esports Program

Developed to further support its growing list of over 1,700 partnered high schools across North America, HSEL collaborated with MAINGEAR — popular purveyors of custom gaming desktops, notebooks, and workstations — to upgrade its 3-Year Esports Program. Starting with the League Pro track, the 3-Year Esports Program gives schools that commit to three years of organized esports competition unlimited access to every HSEL competitive season and unlimited team and student slots. The MAINGEAR-sponsored HSEL Esports Equipment Bundle is a new addition to the program for schools looking to level up their esports efforts with six high-performance and award-winning MAINGEAR VYBE gaming rigs powered by AMD Ryzen processors and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660Ti graphics cards.

“One of the biggest hurdles to running a fantastic high school esports program is making sure students have access to the hardware they need to compete at their best,” said Mason Mullenioux, co-founder and CEO of High School Esports League. “Thanks to the size of HSEL’s network of partnered schools, we have a unique opportunity to bring high-end gaming equipment to thousands of schools—affordably.”

“MAINGEAR’s core mission is to empower the next generation of gamers and esports talent,” said Wallace Santos, founder and CEO of MAINGEAR. “Through this partnership with HSEL, giving thousands of students access to high-performance gaming PCs and a world-class competitive platform, we will jointly drive the future of esports.”

“The performance of Razer peripherals has been proven time and again with professional esports teams,” said Season Mahathavorn, Global Talent Manager for Esports at Razer. “Knowing that future champions are born out of organizations like HSEL, we are truly motivated to support this development of talent by completing their setups with winning mice, keyboards, and headsets.”


The full HSEL Esports Equipment Bundle comes equipped with six MAINGEAR VYBE desktops, six 24” Viewsonic VX2457-mhd gaming monitors, and six sets of Razer’s esports-optimized peripherals, including the BlackWidow Ultimate keyboard, DeathAdder Essential mouse, and Electra V2 headset — all of the gear aspiring esports competitors need to play current and future esports titles at peak performance.

Schools not in need of PC gaming hardware to jumpstart their esports labs can sign up for the lower-priced League Pro pass for unlimited access to HSEL competition for three years. HSEL has additionally partnered with FundMyTeam — an organization that provides fundraising assistance on behalf of prospective teams, with no upfront cost — to support schools that do not have sufficient budget to afford to participate in HSEL’s 3-Year Esports program.

To learn more about the HSEL Esports Equipment Bundle hardware program and find out how to sign up, visit https://www.highschoolesportsleague.com/3year.

HSEL is a leading North American esports organization with over 1,700 partnered schools and 45,000 participating students that harnesses students’ passion for video games through organized competition and academics, resulting in improved engagement, higher GPAs, and better career prospects. Thanks to its STEM.org certified programs, scholarships, and tournament platform, HSEL arms high schools with the knowledge and the resources required to positively impact students through competitive gaming. To learn more about HSEL, visit www.highschoolesportsleague.com.

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