Honor & Blade Comes to BrightLocker, Goal for Console Expansion in 2018

Hanako: Honor & Blade, is a Samurai Ninja multiplayer game currently in early access on steam and as of today, is now available through BrightLocker where you can buy the game for 6.99 USD or grab a 4-pack deal for just 28.00 USD. Travel through a beautiful, fictional rendition of the 16th century of Feudal Japan. Choose between four types of warriors as you learn to master intuitive, directionally-driven swordplay while also choosing unique abilities to ensure victory over your foes.

“We’ve teamed up with the great team at BrightLocker.com to grow and expand our community. We are really excited to offer you all great rewards, opportunities to get to know us and for us to get to know you, and really hit 2018 hard on all fronts to improve the game/player base. We’re hoping this can help us get to know more of you and help us accomplish our goals for the year (like getting on console!)” – Matthew Canei, Lead Developer

Players can take advantage of Wednesday evenings at 10 pm ET when the servers are most active, and experience an immersive 12v12 multiplayer campaign across Japan in pursuit of either preserving the peace and honor of the Emperor or bringing on chaos and death by playing across four different game modes with different objectives and strategies. Explore multiple territories and battles across a much broader war that is uniquely opposed to the typical random map cycle in some other multiplayer games. Whether you prefer the blade-wielding Kenshi or Naginata Samurai, the range and precision of the Samurai Archer, or the deceptive Ninja, the options are vast and the battles fierce.

“Our primary objective with Hanako: Honor & Blade is to create a deep, artistic multiplayer world that allows players to experience our own fictional Feudal Japan and what it’s like to be a samurai (or ninja). We poured our personal tragedies, losses, and souls into this title to create a symbolic journey of life and death, sickness and disease & love and war. We created a melee-centric game that is easy to learn, but difficult to master that brings in a familiar but faster paced directional attacks and abilities. Players will campaign across multiple maps and game modes experiencing the strikingly different territories of two clans, and their war of steel and fire. Ultimately, they represent a war of a lost loved one with a terrible illness. We hope the player may discover inspiration from this, or at least learn a bit about the way of the samurai.” – Matthew Canei, Lead Developer

Latest Developer Updates:

  • “Big Patch” upcoming, (few months off, follow up announcement will be made)
  • New animation, environment art and playtesting to do to get the Ite and the new map where it needs to be for the most enjoyment.
  • A variety of other improvements ranging from AI, menus, better messaging for objectives and what you should be doing. Take a look at a few new shots of content the team is working on:

WIP Ite and Shiga Forest map (roughly 25% done map)

Prototype Post-Match Accolades Screen

Key Features

– Epic Online Battles

– Directional-Driven Combat

– Distinct Warrior Classes

– Symbolic Online Campaign

– Ki-Guided Abilities

 Combat Features

Choose Warriors destined to decide the future of Japan: The Kenshi (Swordsman), Naginatashi (Pikeman), Ninja (Assassin), or Ite (Archer). All featuring their own style of combat, movement, and weaponry.

Master Combat through the discovery of different attacks, abilities, and combos. Our combat system features multiple offensive stances driven by your movement, defensive techniques (such as the grappling hook) and abilities (ranging from acrobatic combos to multi-enemy sweeps to multi-hit combos).

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