Horror Survival Game Slender: The Arrival Reveals Release Date, New Gameplay Trailer

Slender Man to Stalk Mobile Players on 10/13/2021 | Terror “Arrives” This Halloween.

Veteran independent videogame developer Blue Isle Studios, announced today its cult-followed, critically acclaimed survival horror game Slender: The Arrival is coming to mobile devices on October 13th, 2021. Watch your back as Slender Man will soon be able to stalk you wherever you go as you play through the entire PC / console experience in the palm of your hands. With a mobile device loaded in your pocket, you will never be safe again.

To celebrate its launch on October 13th, 2021 Slender: The Arrival will be available as a free download with the first chapter of gameplay unlocked to allow players to decide if they are brave enough to continue the harrowing journey. Mobile users are invited to pre-order the free game, Slender: The Arrival on the App Store.

The only official Slender Man game, Slender: The Arrival puts you in the epicenter surrounding the enigmatic internet mythos that has captivated and terrorized millions. The frightening Slender Man is described by eyewitnesses as a thin, unnaturally tall man dressed in a black suit with a blank, featureless face. Players are enveloped in a dark, foreboding world of sensory deprivation with a story fraught with terror, filled with haunting visions and audio cues that create a healthy dose of tension and paranoia.

Experience the fear for the first time or re-live the full game you know and love in the palm of your hand with Slender: The Arrival on mobile. Yes, Slender Man can now stalk you wherever you go. The mobile adaptation of the game offers leaderboards for online competition against friends, with daily, weekly, and lifetime competition scores. New mobile-exclusive achievements and controller support for iOS devices.

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