How Casinos Are Taking Advantage of VR

Casinos Can Use the Benefits of VR to Create More Exciting Games

Virtual reality, like a plot from a movie about the future, is now already present in many entertainment sites around the world and can reach live casinos as well. Its use is not yet widespread. CoinPlay is a top-rated Bitcoin casino for players that is brand new to the online casino market and willing to try this tech. 

The world of online gambling today already has augmented reality technology that allows players to enter virtual casinos and play at tables such as roulette or BlackJack, with dealers that seem almost real, and in many cases they are. The same technology can be implemented in live games such as poker or slot machines.

The innovative technology of virtual reality glasses or lenses developed by some technology companies could be the solution to make live interaction, card or chip handling virtual in the not-too-distant future; it would reduce contact and manipulation with these items, which are constantly changing hands, increasing the possibility of passing germs or diseases such as coronavirus.

Crypto casino companies in Canada, along with Samsung Gear technology and Oculus Rift glasses, are already exploring the possibility of providing gaming offerings such as VR slots, VR BlackJack and VR roulette to users in places that are not necessarily casinos, but that provide the same experience.

In today’s world, Internet technology serves as the most powerful tool for running any kind of business. With it come new advantages, new challenges and new opportunities. Developing a virtual reality casino should be consistent with these opportunities, such a casino will combine: 

  • This casino should be as clear and user-friendly as possible.
  • The world of virtual reality will be a new experience for fans of online gambling.
  • Casino gaming in virtual reality should be as realistic as possible.

If some innovative features are implemented, the player will be able to feel t

VR-based Casino Operating System

VR games can be run exclusively on a brand new gaming platform where there is a suitable system that supports VR games. In VR, the player will see everything, and even if the table does not allow the use of VR glasses, the player will still be able to see the table. There is absolutely nothing that would prevent the development of a platform for VR games, so this is not a problem.

You could develop a special mobile version of your casino that would allow you to use VR if the user is sitting in a car or even in a restaurant.

The capabilities of the platform should be tailored to the needs and comfort of the player. For example, the suggestion of holding a smartphone and playing a slot game with virtual reality goggles seems too complicated to be comfortable for the player.

As the player experiences everything in VR, several systems can be applied to this:

  • A proprietary app;
  • An integrated platform;
  • Virtual Platform.

Just because the player can’t see the casino environment doesn’t mean they can’t play in it. In this case, we are talking about augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality.

Augmented Reality

The player’s brain will follow the information it sees, even if it has no physical contact with the game itself.

Because of this, virtual reality games that use augmented reality systems can be almost interactive with the player.

New 360º Technology

The second option is to develop a virtual reality environment with 360-degree video. This is similar to watching a video that is part of it. The virtual player can move around the game and inspect the scene at any time. Virtual reality games that use this technology can be a lot of fun.

Virtual Platform

The platform should be exactly the same as the one you normally use, with the difference that there will be no screen and the player will only see what he physically touches.

A third option is to make a virtual platform with a simple interface. This is similar to a traditional casino without a table. You would be able to see what is going on at the table, but you wouldn’t be able to control anything.


However, when this technology becomes fashionable, licensed bitcoin gambling operators and casinos  will soon try it. And the CoinPlay site is already beginning to gain success, thanks to its latest technology and security. The platform also plans to incorporate virtual reality into its system in order to keep up with the times and give its users an incredible experience with bonuses, free spins, slots and maybe in the near future in the virtual reality.


Virtual reality has great potential in online gambling , but it is still at a very early stage. But virtual reality technology is a great addition to the online gaming industry.

We can expect a large number of new VR games in the future. Players will be able to create their own avatars using virtual reality headsets. We are sure that many casino games will debut in virtual reality.

CoinPlay is a best  friendly Bitcoin gambling online casino site that does absolutely everything possible for the comfort of the users and already a large part of the players play and earn real money.  And soon and in VR mode.

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