How to Join Men of War II Multiplayer Technical Test

Join the action in Men of War II’s Multiplayer Tech Test – experience the highly-anticipated RTS title now!

Sign up today to take part in the first-ever public hands-on of the highly-anticipated real-time strategy game, Men of War II, featuring four multiplayer modes, five maps, and nine tutorial missions. Fulqrum Publishing and Best Way have announced that a free multiplayer tech test is now available for download on Steam, running from Thursday, March 23 (3pm PDT / 6pm EDT / 10pm UTC) until Monday, March 27 (10am PDT / 1pm EDT / 5pm UTC).

Revealed during the Future Games Show: Spring Showcase, this multiplayer tech test marks the first time Men of War II has been made available to the public. Participants will have access to four multiplayer modes (out of seven in the full game), five diverse maps, and nine single-player tutorial missions that cover everything from basic to advanced gameplay mechanics.

Choose from the Soviet, German, and U.S. armies’ 1st Infantry, 1st Tank, or 1st Artillery battalion and test out over 80 units from the game’s total roster of 300+. Each battalion boasts its unique gameplay style and strategic opportunities, ensuring a deeply engaging experience that is both accessible and challenging. The full game will include individual battalion customization and additional unit unlocks via in-game progression, enhancing players’ control on the battlefield.

While the tech test offers only a fraction of Men of War II’s content, it already demonstrates the game’s commitment to historical accuracy and deep, varied gameplay. The four multiplayer modes featured in the tech test include:

Combat: An all-out battle between two teams, with victory going to the team that destroys the most enemy units while protecting their valuable units. (Available on Borovaya River and The Winter March maps).
Assault Zones: Players compete head-to-head to earn victory points by capturing and holding strategic points on the map. (Available on Bazerville and Borovaya River maps).
Front Line: A brand-new, strategic mode that requires teams to use infantry to push their Front Line into enemy territory, creating a tense, tug-of-war style match-up where teamwork is crucial. (Available on all five maps).
Incursion: An asymmetric game mode that uses the Front Line mechanic, with one team attempting to capture highlighted zones held by the opposing team. (Only available on The Coast map).
When it launches later this year, Men of War II will include 22 multiplayer maps. To participate in the tech test, simply head over to the Men of War II Steam store page, click “Request Access” for the Men of War II Playtest, and gain instant access to the multiplayer build.

Once the game is downloaded, players can engage in 1v1 up to 5v5 matchups through custom lobbies or PvP matchmaking. Custom lobbies offer full customization options, while PvP matchmaking automatically groups players based on location and past game rankings, setting them up in Front Line mode.

Men of War II is set to release on Steam, Epic Games Store, and other digital platforms for PC in 2023.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

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