How To Make Gold FAST in NEW WORLD

Best Gold Making Methods!


Making gold in the New World is a breeze, as there are several options available to assist you in achieving your goal. New weapons, armor, and even player housing can all be purchased with gold in the game throughout the New World. However, these sought-after amenities can cost a lot of money.

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The quickest and easiest way to make gold fast in New World is selling items via the Trading Post. The second way is buying through a site. And, the best website for buying gold and coins is

On the PC version of New World, here’s how to make money fast:

  1. Negotiate a low tax settlement.
  2. List the goods for sale at the trading post.
  3. Try to find a gap in the market that may be exploited.
  4. It is important to gather or craft relevant materials and goods.
  5. Repeat the process while other players shop for the listed goods.
  6. In-game Trading Posts are a wonderful place to look for items for sale.

New World Gold Guide:

  • Complete All Main and Side Missions

Getting a lot of gold is as simple as finishing New World’s primary and minor objectives. After completing a mission, you’ll be rewarded with a lot of gold that you can use for the following one. You can also put that money away for the future and utilize it to buy other crucial items, such as a house, in the future. Compared to other approaches, this is the fastest way to gain gold.

  • How to Farm & Make Money as A Beginner

Gold is the in-game currency that may be used to buy a wide range of stuff, including weapons, armor, and even homes. In addition, settlements or territories can be purchased with it due to upgrading your area for future Wars. It is possible to set fees and taxes to determine how much gold a Company will collect when players undertake multiple activities in the same territory, such as selling Fibers from Hemp at the Trading Post and making Iron Ingots, for example, when the territory is under their control.

  • Standard Methods of Acquiring Gold

Complete Main and Side Story Quests to acquire gold. Depending on your level, you’ll get at least 50 gold per task, which can rise to as high as 80+. Unlike the other two categories of tasks, Faction Missions and Town Projects reward you with gold, but the amount is significantly lower.

  • How does the Trading Post Works?

To find the best location for your business, you should watch these costs change. If you’re looking for the lowest and highest costs, you can pick “Showing orders at” in the upper right-hand corner of your screen to see what’s currently available. To buy or sell anything, you will have to rush or travel swiftly to that zone.

  • How Trade Skills Can Make You Money?

It’s also important to level up your Trade Skills when completing tasks, in addition to character and weapon mastery levels. Crafting, Refining, and Gathering are all Trade Skills in the New World. Prioritize obtaining Level 50 for each Gathering Skills at the beginning of the game because this will serve as your base of operations. It will also come in in in the future when you need to upgrade your weapons and armor.

  • Trade Personally with Players

Alternatively, you can promote your goods and wait for a buyer to come to you. You can genuinely secure a lucrative transaction by properly negotiating your way into it. If it was a piece of equipment or a rare ore, you could explain how difficult it was to acquire such things. Whether or not a dealer will buy from you hinges on your ability to show him how you acquired the rare item he is interested in.

  • Buy and Sell at the Trading Post

Selling your unwanted items at the Trading Post is a simple way to make gold in the meantime. It’s possible to make more money by buying inexpensive products from a trader and then trading them with another person who is desperate for the same item. If you’ve been keeping tabs on the trends, you can make more money.


In SUMMING UP, you may make a lot of gold by continuously scanning the Trading Post or market trends for things that are in high demand. Prepare for obtaining materials as quickly as possible by making sure your tools and backpacks have been improved. It will be easier and faster to make gold if you know what things you want to offer and the best routes to market them.

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