How to perform well in Apex Legends, even if you’re a beginner?

Apex Legends has been a huge surprise for the gaming industry. With more than 10 million players in its first week, it has managed to create an active community that is curious about the game and Apex Legends secrets. One of the most important aspects of AL is that it has managed to create an active community. The developers have taken care of their players by adding new content and patches regularly.

This pleases AL veterans but creates certain difficulties for novice players. They have to study more and more different information, looking first for guides for beginners and later Apex Legends advanced tips.

We want to make sure that your game doesn’t turn into an entire learning curve. That’s why we’ve highlighted the basic, universal Apex Legends tips and tricks, use them in every battle and explore the intricacies of the game, at your convenience.

3 basic Apex Legends tips

If you are already familiar with the techniques described below and want to raise your skill level even higher without spending a lot of time on it, Apex Legends PRO tips will help you. For example, the PRO players of Legionfarm are not just good players, they can provide you with top-notch coaching.

The tips below will improve your performance in all Apex game modes.

So, they include:

  • Movement is the heart of this game. You’re surrounded by different obstacles, weaponry, and maybe even other players. There are a lot of factors to consider when deciding how to move, so it can feel overwhelming at first. During a game, watch your opponents’ movements; in addition to helping you stay safe, you can learn useful tricks from them. Sometimes the obvious things are not immediately apparent.
  • Communication is the key to winning. It is ideal to have playmates and communicate with them in voice chat. You can find them on the Apex Legends LFG discord servers. But sometimes this search takes a long time, if you can’t wait to play or you don’t want to talk, you can use the in-game ping system.

The ping system is conditional, meaning that depending on what object you’re pinging it gives you different voice lines, you can use pings to warn your playmates about enemies. Or tell them about your plans, such as: “I’m watching” or “I’m defending this place”. You can even let your playmates know what item you want by pressing the Ping button in your inventory next to the item you want. Or report that you have found loot, then your allies can pick up Apex Legends all weapons that are in the specified location.  When your Legend dies, you can send a signal about the location of the death box to remind your squad mates where your Banner Card is, thus inform them that you expect to be resurrected, and then ping the nearest respawn beacon. Take care of communications before joining a battle, use ping wisely.

  • Learn Legends and gear in action. Visit the Firing Range, in this small location you can try out all kinds of items, Attachments, Regen, Grenade the exception to this is survival items. While testing Apex Legends all guns, you will understand which weapons are more comfortable for you, and what kind of recoil during the firing of different types of weapons. During real battles, you will know what to choose, it will save you time and possibly the life of your Legends.

Note the Apex Legends rarity colors:

  • White – Normal.
  • Blue – Rare.
  • Purple – Epic.
  • Gold – Legendary.
  • Red – Relic.

Each rarity gives additional bonuses for different items, of course, they are useful to you in any case, but it would be nice to know about them in advance.

By the way, you can train at Firing Range with your teammates, or even fight with some of them in 1 on 1 mode. This will make your practice more effective and rewarding. For example, if Apex group finder was successful, you seem to have found an experienced player. Invite themto a friendly duel to see his skills and discuss tactics for playing together.

So if you follow these tips and play for a few hours every day, you’re bound to improve your skills. Don’t try to learn everything about the game in a couple of days, start with the basics.

We have more than 1,000 Apex Legends PRO players working with us, each of them went to the top of the ranking ladder, some faster and some slower. Now they are professionals and they are willing to share their unique strategies.

Apex Legends ranking tips, exclusive tactics, location, and weapon advantages – all this and more, you can learn from our PROs today. You do want to learn from the best players play. You want to know their strategies and tactics so that you can use them yourself. Some players have already managed to get to the top, and now they still have some useful pieces of advice for you from their personal experiences. Join our PRO team today and learn a lot of new tricks on how to become a better player in Apex Legends!

Why play with our PROs?

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