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How To Unlock All Costumes in Control

Remedy Entertainment’s Control is filled to the brim with all types of unlockables and collectibles — from the various different forms of Jesse’s Service Weapon, to completely new looks for the story’s unlikely new Director. Today, we’re going to cover just how to go about unlocking all of Control’s alternate outfits, especially some of the more elusive ones that may leave players scratching their heads.

It should be noted that it’s impossible to talk about some of these outfits without some mild spoilers. To avoid spoiling anything major, none of the bosses nor major story segments will be shown below, although their name and location will be given to assist players in finding them.


Jesse’s default starting appearance. No extra steps are required for this one!

Candidate P7

For Candidate P7, players will have to progress a significant amount into the story. During the mission titled “The Face of the Enemy,” Jesse will be tasked with going to the F.B.C.’s Containment Sector. Here, players will find two rooms labeled P7 and P6. P6 is mandatory for progressing the story, but don’t forget to explore the room next door! The Candidate P7 outfit can be found inside of a locker, which can be looted once the player is close enough.

Office Assistant

Control’s Office Assistant outfit can be found very late in the game. The outfit first appears within a sequence leading up to the final section of the game’s story, however, it won’t be officially unlocked until the game’s campaign is complete.

Director’s Suit

Complete Control’s main story and officially take on the role as the Director of the F.B.C.

Janitor’s Assistant

In order to unlock this outfit, players will have to head back to the office of the Bureau’s mysterious and elusive janitor, Ahti. Several documents can be found on the wall within Ahti’s office. Each of these papers will be a note left behind, giving the player several side-quests for the janitor. Most of these are fairly easy and straightforward, and completing them all will unlock the Janitor’s Assistant costume!

Golden Suit

For this outfit, players will have to head back to the Luck and Probability room in the Research Sector. It’s mandatory to pass through this area early on in the game, however, Jesse won’t be able to complete the puzzle without unlocking the door with a Level 5 Clearance. To do this, simply progress further into the story until you come to the mission entitled “Threshold.” During this quest, the Level 5 Clearance badge can be obtained on Doctor Darling’s desk.

Once you have the badge, head back to the Luck and Probability room. Now that you have the entire room unlocked, you’re going to have to do a small puzzle in order to boost Jesse’s luck. The steps to completing this puzzle are:

Make sure the horseshoe is facing up.

Turn on all lamps inside the roulette room.

Place the golden fish in the roulette room near the table.

Place the clover in the pot nearest to the TV.

Interact with the cat toy to make it wave.

Make the toy by the elephant knock into it.

Once all of these steps are completed, interact with the roulette game. If done correctly, the Golden Suit will be yours!

Asynchronous Suit

Unlocked by going to the Synchronicity Lab in the Research Sector and completing the “Self-Reflection” side-quest. Once the quest is completed, the outfit can be found in a nearby room on one of several mannequins.

Astral Dive Suit

Unlocked for purchasing the Deluxe Edition of the game.

Tactical Response Gear

Unlocked by pre-ordering the game.

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