Why are some empires remembered, and others consigned to the ash heap of history? With Humankind, we want the journey to matter more than the destination. Todays installment of our feature focus video series looks at how you’ll be leaving your mark on history, and the civilization that you’ll be building along the way. 

The unified victory condition in Humankind is your fame score. Across six eras, you will earn era stars that contribute to your fame score in different ways: growing your population, expanding your cities, researching technology, being culturally influential, and winning battles, to name a few. Additional fame will be awarded for achievements like circumnavigating the globe or building a wonder.

As you transition through the eras, you will be able to choose a new culture, or else transcend as your current culture. Each culture has an emblematic unit and quarter that only they can produce, a special skill related to their affinity, and a legacy trait that your civilization will keep forever.

What matters most is to be remembered – what you will be remembered for is up to you!

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