Humankind: Tips and Tricks for Survival, Influence and To Conquer Army

You can become a world conqueror in your spare time with the help of some valuable tips for Amplitude’s newest game, Humankind. The 4X strategy genre game makes players explore and colonize new worlds through turn-based gameplay that relies on strategic thinking to complete each level while managing resources efficiently.

This article will provide all the information needed to make those early days easier with some tricks and tips. Humankind became available on August 17, 2021. It is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Stadia. The biggest game distribution platforms offer it, such as Steam. However, if you don’t see it among the available options, try using a VPN for gaming to unlock it. Additionally, this tool might help if the price of Humankind is significantly higher for you than in other locations.

What is Humankind?

Humankind is Amplitude’s challenger to Civilization 6, and to be honest, the game is totally different from it. Humankind is a multicultural game and has six eras in total.

The game begins from the prehistoric era. You need to start from scratch and choose whether to stay together or explore more ground for yourself at the cost of being vulnerable to dangers if you split up. It’s crucial that your preference be considered when making this decision, as staying with your tribe will reduce risk and provide fewer exploration opportunities.

After the prehistoric era ends, you get options of ten cultures to choose from, and each of the cultures has its distinctive characteristics. Although, you can make your people multicultural as there is an option to select culture at the end of each era.

Furthermore, you can develop your character in any culture you want, and it will have the attributes of that chosen culture. It depends on your preferences how you wish to build them. Additionally, there are different locations and civilizations to choose from, and if you want to be a conqueror, you need to have a positional advantage over your enemy. Therefore, acquiring a higher ground location is the best in Humankind.

Tricks you should use

Following tips and tricks will save your time and help you plan your game strategy to become a world conqueror, a virtual one, though!

Develop more powerful armies

The first thing you need in the game is a mighty army. The game starts at the Neolithic age, and your armies will be nearly powerless. But as you start gathering more food and resources, you will get more new troops to control. As you must have heard, united, we are strong as graphene and divided, weak as talc.

The purpose of this quote here is, the moment you start combining your army units by moving them into another unit’s area, your troop will get a power booster, and they will gain double firepower. This will help you to take on another powerful enemy.

Food supply in each Humankind city

Food is the secret of the power of your population growth in Humankind. Lack of food in cities can lead to huge death tolls. So, your focus should be on building this capability by increasing your food production. Start building the Farmers Quarters and also relocate the population so that they can produce food.

Build scientific capabilities for new technologies

The moment you get a stable food production, start to focus on developing the scientific capabilities. Just like the real world, technological advancement will provide you with a lot of advantages in Humankind.

With the help of science, you can have new methods of transport, new buildings, and quick construction periods. So, investing in science is undoubtedly more significant than creating industries or money.

Gain influence

Influence and strategic resources carry equal importance in Humankind. You must gain influence to claim territories, make and enact laws, transform outposts into cities, merge claimed parts into already established cities, and spread the empire’s beliefs to a larger extent.

To gain influence, put buildings in strategic locations, explore new technologies, and discover new lands. Use structures like Amphitheatres, plazas, and others to generate influence.

Remember that everything you unlock cannot be built, so focusing and choosing the resources you lack is the wisest thing.

Don’t go after every era star

Once you enter the Ancient era in Humankind, you will get various new pursuits to pursue to earn the era stars and further advance your culture.

Now, people spend their time and resources gaining all the era stars in each era they enter, which eventually hampers their progress. Suppose you are in The Classical Era; here are eighteen different era stars to gain, but you need only seven to advance to the next level. That means collecting all era starts will only retrograde your progress, and other players can move to new cultures before you pick them.

The best technique for strategy-based games is to decide which stars you want to go for, collect them, advance your city according to your need, and move to the next era.

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