Humble Bundle Adds Two Strategic Advisors to the $1 Million Black Game Developer Fund

Humble Bundle today announced that Justin Woodward and Sithe Ncube have signed on as Strategic Advisors for the company’s annual $1 million Black Game Developer Fund. Well-known figures in the Black independent game development community, the pair will focus on finding teams and titles that could benefit from the fund, working with developers who are applying, and partnering with Humble Bundle to select which projects are ultimately funded.

Humble Bundle launched the Black Game Developer Fund earlier this year to support Black game developers, helping publish games with funding, production, and marketing support via Humble’s publishing label, Humble Games. With the addition of Woodward and Ncube to the Fund, the team will reach even further into the community to provide support of Black developers around the world.

Woodward is the co-founder of the indie game studio Interabang Entertainment, and has been central to a number of indie gaming industry events, including IGN Indie Open House and Double Fine Indie Space. He will focus on working with developers based in North America and Europe.

“I believe access is important. Access to good mentors and communities that share identity and understanding of how we view the world. Access to resources and knowledge of creating value in order to generate more and access to a network of opportunities,” Woodward said. “The Humble Bundle Black Game Developer fund has the potential to provide access to game developers who do not have those networks and the possibility to lift up black game developers who need support who will provide examples of success to the community.”

Ncube is one of the Sub-Saharan Africa organizers for the Global Game Jam, and is the founder of, an initiative to document 1,000 African female game developers and their games.  She is active in the African game development scene, and will be focused on working with developers from Africa in the program.

“I firmly believe that more Africans should have a visible stake in the game development industry and benefit from it culturally, socially, and financially. The Black Game Development Fund  is a step towards that and I’m excited and honoured to be able to contribute in some way,” Ncube said. “The fact that this is an initiative that Black developers and studios can benefit from no matter where they are in the world is something that I hope allows people to realise how far reaching the need for diverse voices in games is.”

Humble Games will have more information to share about the Black Game Developer Fund in the months ahead as the company continues to collect applications and begins to fund developers and projects.

“Humble Games is committed to being a force for good in the world through gaming,” said John Polson, Director of Portfolio at Humble Bundle. “The Black Game Developer Fund is one way that we’re able to help amplify Black voices and make sure that there are more diverse points of view in gaming.  We’re excited about the response we’ve received to date and are thrilled to have Justin’s and Sithe’s help with this important fund.”

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