HyperX and Gamer Goo Join Champion as Founding Sponsors for Game Gym from Home

Game Gym Founder and CEO Josh Hafkin announced today that HyperX and Gamer Goo have joined Champion as founding sponsors for Game Gym’s new online programs Game Gym From HomeCamp From Home and the Step Up Series of Online Tournaments.

“Support from industry giant HyperX adds immediate excitement to our new online programs and tournaments, and innovator Gamer Goo is wonderful addition to our growing list of sponsors,” said Game Gym CEO Josh Hafkin.  “During these difficult times, we are continuing with our mission of providing a healthy and holistic treatment of esports – approaching them in the same way you would treat any other extracurricular activity, like soccer, music, or debate club.  We want kids to have a blast and get better every day, and our programs do that in an inclusive and structured way.”

Game Gym From Home offers online afternoon sessions every weekday that allow participants to receive personalized instruction from certified coaches, plus team-building and supervised gaming blocks.

“HyperX is pleased to be a founding sponsor of Game Gym’s new online programs,” said Stephanie Winkler, strategic marketing manager, HyperX. “Now more than ever, people have a need for engaging activities to stay connected and gaming has become a major way of connecting with each other during the current time we are staying at home.”

Camp From Home offers full-day, week-long summer camp sessions that include a combination of game play and game training with nationally recognized pro players and coaches, as well as life skills sessions focusing on health and fitness, game design, and other key topics. 

“Improving grip, eliminating sweaty hands, and keeping your peripherals clean is a challenge every gamer experiences,” said Justin Clark, Founder of Gamer Goo. “Gamer Goo is excited to sponsor Game Gym and their new at home programs in helping kids engage and connect while at home.”

The Step Up Series of Online Tournaments is 2-3 free tournaments per week in such games as Rocket League, NBA 2K, Project+, and a rotation of first-person shooter (FPS) games.

Champion was the first company to partner with Game Gym as a founding sponsor for these online programs.

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