Hystar is Hitting the Gaming Community Hard

There’s a new player in town. Pun intended.

Passionate gamers know the perfect setup is just as important as the gameplay itself. From the best PC to the most comfortable chair, most gamers significantly invest in the best space to enrich their experience.

The fast-growing computer accessory company, Hystar, is setting “The Golden Standard” within the gaming domain. This relatively new gaming accessory brand is seriously enhancing gaming setups with intelligent, well-designed accessories.

Who is Hystar?

Fellow gamers created Hystar. The brand’s founder and product developers are all active members of the gaming community. This group of people understands the importance of high-quality computer accessories because they live and breathe gaming – like their primary customer base. Hystar doesn’t compromise on quality or aesthetics. The company is committed to taking average, everyday computer accessories and creating better, more functional products that work – without hiking up the price.

The company’s back-story started in a small garage at the peak of the pandemic in March 2021. Founder Josh Moore, an avid gamer, wanted to create a high-performance gaming accessory brand that was better than what was currently on the market. The Hystar team spent over a year developing the best mouse pad for the gaming community and obsessing (in a good way) over quality control and minor details within each of its products, such as premium packaging, water-resistant fabrics, and flush stitching. The brand doesn’t take any shortcuts and is committed to being at least two steps ahead of the competition. The team also puts a lot of focus on producing unique designs and color combinations to blend with any setup seamlessly. Hystar’s founder believes in functionality, value, and convenience, that’s why they made their products available on Amazon and added Fast/Free shipping to their website.

The customer service experience is something Josh refused to cut corners on. An example he gave during our interview was that his team recently decided to add free returns to their website. He says only a handful of companies will offer this to their customers, due to the high costs associated with it. He said, “This is a pretty large cost for our company; however, I would rather give everyone a risk-free chance to try our brand without the worrying about any return costs.” You can tell they have a deep connection with their fanbase, and really care for their supporters. He also mentioned that most of their dedicated fans interact directly with the team on the Official Hystar ​​Discord. They have several hundred members, and you can chat with the owner himself better known as “Jmoe” in the discord.

What’s Next for Hystar?

Hystar has big plans for 2022 and beyond. The company is gearing up to release several new products to enhance gaming setups everywhere. Keycaps, computer mice, keyboards, and more are expected to launch in the future. It’s safe to say we’d expect nothing but the highest-quality products for the future. There are also talks about sponsoring multiple esports organizations very soon.

You can keep up with the most recent Hystar news on TikTok or check out hystarshop.com to give the brand a try!

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