HYTE Announces Release of CNVS a qRGB Intense Gaming Play Mat in Tandem with Nexus

HYTE, the PC components, peripherals, and lifestyle brand of iBUYPOWER, today, announced the release of CNVS, its qRGB intense gaming play mat in tandem with Nexus, its personal experience software designed as a high-fidelity solution for HYTE qRGB products as well as a universal hardware support platform.

Previously announced during CES 2023, CNVS boasts a 50-pixel qRGB lighting array framing the massive 900 x 370mm seven-layer gaming desk pad. With continuous lighting over the power hub and sans any stitching around the outer edge, CNVS will take any desktop setup to the next level acting as an extension to the on-screen lighting display. The soft polyester top layer of CNVS is water and stain resistant as well as provides a silky-smooth workspace for precise mouse movements and minimal resistance.

CNVS is plug-and-play out of the box and connects via Type-C to Type-C USB cable with an included Type-C to dual Type-A USB adapter. Users can customize CNVS through HYTE’s personal experience software, Nexus. Nexus enables CNVS lighting to be synced to music, mirror on-screen content, be set to personal animations, and more.


Designed as HYTE’s high-fidelity qRGB lighting control solution and universal hardware support platform, Nexus provides users with a fresh and capable platform to coordinate and control lighting and monitor hardware performance. Featuring a widget-based interface for easy customization, Nexus has the ability to display time, media, image galleries, and real-time hardware health.

With an ever-expanding product library, Nexus will power HYTE’s current and future qRGB-enabled components to provide a cohesively brilliant lighting experience. In addition, Nexus is capable of controlling lighting on several of the major keyboard brands with weekly software updates planned to extend its universal hardware support abilities.

IBP and Nexus

iBUYPOWER Nexus Edition PCs will be available for purchase in April of 2023 at 400 Best Buy stores within the continental United States. Each system will come with a Nexus hub for RGB fan control, iBP Chimera KM7 Keyboard and Mouse Combo, and the ability to control lighting and monitor the system through Nexus.

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