Identity V Comes To Android!

World-renowned game publisher NetEase has announced that their wildly popular triple-A asymmetrical horror multiplayer mobile game is now available on the Google Play Store for Android devices. Since its launch in China, Identity V has garnered critical acclaim from fans and media alike.

“We are very pleased to bring the first 4 vs 1 multiplayer game of this caliber to Android players. Identity V has been lovingly crafted to be one of the most fun and unique multiplayer games on mobile. We look forward to bring more content for players in the near future.” Said Sylar Pan, Product Manager for Identity V.

Just before global launch, the game smashed records across the globe including toppling the reigning champions of the mobile download charts. Identity V is the first non-battle royale game to reach no. 1 in China and other countries in several weeks, achieving praise for its fun and innovative design for mobile.

Identity V 1

Behind all the bone-chilling multiplayer action lies the story of the game whereby you play as a detective uncovering the mysteries of an abandoned manor as you search for a missing girl. Each multiplayer match ties into what the detective learns and uncovers combing storytelling and asymmetrical gameplay in a new way. Identity V comes complete with multiple characters and cosmetics to choose from allowing players to customize their favorite characters in the horror-themed title.


Identity V is out now on Android devices and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store here or by searching ‘Identity V’.

Identity V 2

Key Features

  • First ever Triple-A asymmetrical multiplayer mobile game.
  • Experience tense horror-themed action and heart-pounding multiplayer match ups.
  • Intuitive controls that put player and gameplay first.
  • Be the hunter or be the survivor in a 4 vs 1 mash-up inspired by Dead by Daylight.
  • As the survivors, find and decode the cipher machines to escape the clutches of the terrifying hunter.
  • As the Hunter, use your arsenal of special abilities to trap and destroy the survivors, ensure they will never escape their horrific end!
  • Multiple cosmetics and character unlocks in a free to play model that rewards players for playing.
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