Idle RPG Dungeon Rush: Rebirth Brings Dark Fantasy to iOS Today

DHGames is launching its dark fantasy idle RPG, Dungeon Rush: Rebirth, on iOS today after a successful release on Android.

Dungeon Rush: Rebirth has players leading their squad of unique heroes into an ancient continent to save a kingdom overrun with curses and utter chaos. To complete their objectives, players will need to have their heroes auto-explore the world to combat monsters, survive random dungeons, and earn treasure. All of the action occurs with or without the player’s mediation, allowing them to claim epic loot and legendary heroes at their leisure.

Dungeon Rush

Each of the over 200 heroes is unique and offer different roles and skills. As they journey through procedurally generated levels, players can upgrade their heroes equipment, skills, and levels in order to take on more difficult challenges. In fact, Dungeon Rush: Rebirth features hundreds of equipment types whose attributes are randomly generated and can be enhanced to improve its wearer’s abilities. Factions also play a large role in how well a hero performs in their adventures. A hero aligned with a certain faction will deal additional damage to monsters aligned with another faction.

Dungeon Rush Character

In addition to its auto-dungeon-crawling game mechanics, Dungeon Rush: Rebirth features a number of game modes to keep players engaged. For example, The Guild allows players to find like-minded allies in order to take on raids together. The Arena, on the other hand, pits players against one another in either 1v1, 3v3, or Team Battles.

Dungeon Rush: Rebirth uses a realistic dark fantasy style for its world. Heroes, monsters, and the world itself were created with this style in mind to connect with players. There’s no better example of this than the battlefield, which uses a first-person perspective so players can feel closer to the world they’re working so hard to save.

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