Immortal ‘Bebylon Bebies’ Unleash Their Antics At TwitchCon 2018!

Award-winning indie developer Kite & Lightning will be demoing their highly-anticipated gaming title, Bebylon Battle Royale at TwitchCon 2018!

The VR studio invites you to take your rightful seat on a Bebylonian virtual throne at TwitchCon. In your avatar immortal ‘beby’ body, you control a mini-version of yourself to wreak havoc center stage in the battle arena.  Bebylon calls you to unleash your inner wild child in mano a mano combat while gaining fans and favor through showboating, taunting, and comedic antics. Your mission is to make your immortal family proud and become the biggest baller in Bebylon.


And if that wasn’t crazy enough, the studio dares you to inhabit and animate in real-time a Bebylonian virtual character live at the booth! Only at TwitchCon will you be able to step into the shoes of a 2-ft tall immortal ‘beby’ character and capture the experience to share.

Bebylon Battle Royale is scheduled to launch Spring 2019 in VR and PC versions.

  • WHAT:  Bebylon Game Demo and Real-Time Virtual Character Live Activation
  • WHEN: October 26 – 28, 2018
  • WHERE: San Jose McEnery Convention Center – 150 W San Carlos St., San Jose, CA 95113
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