Imperium Omni Kickstarter campaign hits the ground running

Storytellers Entertainment launched its Kickstarter campaign for its first retro RPG “Imperium Omni” this Monday, January 28, and have already secured $28,578 in funding of its $25,000 goal. The quadrilogy comes along with a unique feature: a relationship AI so that players can create living relationships with any non-player character in the game.

As the player pursues their way of becoming the Empress or Emperor of the world throughout the four games, a simple farmer a player might meet at a low level in the first game may become a friend who, by the last game, is a powerful Land Baron and a staunch ally.

Imperium Omni

Players and “Non-Player Characters” (NPCs) all have a DNA, the so-called Complete Personality Complex Strand (CPC). This Strand shapes the player’s character and determines the race, gender, or rank but also the personality: in-/extrovert or feeling or thinking.

When the player encounters any NPC, the CPC is compared and interlocked. The initial reaction to that encounter is measured and displayed by the “Reaction Meter”.

The Reaction Meter is divided into four categories and colours. The better the NPC feels toward a player, the better the chances that they become friends – over 75% is required. If an NPC hits 100% in any category, it would sacrifice its life for the player. On the contrary, if an NPC hits 0%, the player should avoid this big enemy or it might come to a painful battle.

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