Indie Platformer “A Robot Named Fight!” is on sale for only $1.99 on both Switch and Steam!

The constantly evolving monster that is “A Robot Named Fight!” is back and at a BIG discount. Now until July 25th, ARNF is only $1.99 on both the Nintendo Switch and Steam store! This price includes the base game, plus all updates that have launched since its release, including the new patch that released today.

Only a month after the massive “Big Wet Update!,” ARNF introduces a brand-new 4-player co-op mode – where one player plays as Fight and up to 3 more players can join in as orbs, helping Fight to beat back the meat.  This new update also sports new bug fixes, room revisals, balance changes, and more.

“Wait… you’re serious. We really discounted it to two dollars? Oh my god. Who did this? I mean, somebody please buy it now. Hell, buy it three or four times. We gotta keep the lights on around here.” – Jordan Taylor, Hitcents Studio Head

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