Indie Publishing Label HOOK to Roll Out 2 New Demos for Steam Next Fest

Indie publishing label HOOK has announced its participation in the upcoming Steam Next Fest with two exciting new playable demos for the upcoming Madshot: Road to Madness and The Magical Mixture Mill.

The two demos will be available to download from Steam from January 27th, and both will boast between 30 – 60 minutes of exciting gameplay, providing gamers with a taste of what to expect when they launch later this year. Both games are available to add to your Wishlist on Steam now.

The Magical Mixture Mill brings a wholesome gameplay experience to the hands of budding potion makers as they step up to bring the world-renowned ‘Griselda’s Magical Mixtures’ shop back to its former glory by helping its elderly, mushroom-loving owner. With their goblin assistant along for the ride, players will jump into a colorful world full of automated production lines, jolly characters, and classic fantasy humor as they gather new ingredients, create exotic concoctions and maximize potion potency for their loyal (and demanding) customers.

The whimsical demo will include plenty of potion-mixing mayhem with a fully playable biome, gathering tools with abilities, a selection of essence and mixture types, and workstations to brew up a storm.

Madshot Road to Madness is a stand-alone spin-off game of the acrobatic rogue-like shooter Madshot, and takes you on an adrenaline-fueled, back-flipping ride to right the wrongs unleashed in your bid for eternal life. Prepare to face off against horrific monsters and survive multi-phased boss battles on an ever-changing road to freeing your city from the mighty Cthulhu. Equip endless upgrade combinations and use your acrobatic fighting skills to fight through a procedurally generated world full of hideous opponents where every playthrough throws out new challenges in an ever-changing gameplay experience. Gamers who are already playing Madshot on Steam Early Access will be granted access to Road to Madness for free when it’s launched.

The Madshot Road to Madness demo will throw awesome acrobatic rogue-like shooting action with unlockable weapons, ultimate abilities and sidearms with around 150 upgrades at your disposal as you battle through endless hordes of hideous enemies.

The Magical Mixture Mill and Madshot Road to Madness will be launching on PC via Steam Early Access in early 2023. Both titles can added to your Steam Wishlist now

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