Infinite Mini Golf Switch Review

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I was really looking forward to playing Infinite Mini Golf just the idea of creating your own courses and sharing it across multiple platforms sounded so much fun and I wasn’t disappointed! You have unlimited amount of content to play with this fun mini golf game as fans are constantly uploading new courses. On the day of writing this review there is over 10,000 courses to play. This keeps the fan base alive and you can keep playing the game for years to come. There is always a downside to fan made content however as some levels are just to easy or to  extremely hard which isn’t really a downside because you can skip the level if you are struggling.

Completing levels rewards you with cards that are uses to purchase items in the shop. Every card is different however you get different cards for different types of items or clothing. You can collect cards to unlock different hairstyles or ti change your eye color. I don’t really think locked character customization is items like hair and eye color should be included, my goal is to get my character to look like me. I know its minor but I would have liked to have full access to hairstyles and eye color at the minimum. You can also unlock different shirts and shades which are the cool unlocks that you’ll want to spend your hard earned cards on! There are a lot of collectibles that you have access to by leveling up your character which you do by completing the missions on your profile page. I really like this page when you open the game it tells you what courses your friends are playing and challenges you to beat their record. This is the first good implementation of this feature I have seen so far on the Nintendo Switch you actually have to download an app to get notifications for Splatoon 2.


Speaking of online features they work great with this game, it doesn’t take to long to find an online match and that will only get faster as more people buy the game. In terms of online modes there is Versus, Tournaments, Classic, Hole or Nothing and crazy mode. All these modes are great but my personal favorite is the classic versus as you head to head against another player and the one who gets the highest score wins. There is also competitive modes which include the Versus and Tournament modes where you rank up. In terms of couch Co-op there is local match where one player goes first and tries to get the highest score and then the next player tries to beat it. I found this mode slightly fun but they should have implemented split screen so players don’t have to wait to go.

The graphics are ok in this game nothing spectacular but they suit the style of game. Some of the objects however don’t look very good when you are playing but this isn’t a major deal to be honest. The controls are fairly basic you use the right stick to change the sensitivity of hitting the ball but this is far too sensitive. There have been many instances where my ball accidentally shot off with full power which ruin the shot. The other controls are fine and Zen Studios said they are looking into fixing this minor issue.

The course editor is superb normally level editors are hard to use or don’t work efficiently but this one is really easy to use and to upload a course the only requirement is the ball has to be able to get in the hole. There is loads of objects and items that you have available to use which is great you can be really creative. In terms of price for content I think its about right but a little cheaper may have made this game a must have. Infinite Mini Golf is a superb Indie title that you should definitely add to your collection. There is so much content in the game and you can play it locally or online.

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