INSIDIA: Make…WAR, not love!

Today is Valentine’s Day and Italian developer Bad Seed is offering a special double gift of romantic proportions to INSIDIA players. Will this event be about love? Nope! In the world of INSIDIA, Valentine’s Day means WAR!
The tokens of Bad Seed’s violent esteem towards their players are:

  • A brand new Champion: Coma the Shadeslinger
  • The exclusive, limited edition Heartbreaker skin for Coma.

INSIDIA is now in Early Access on Steam and officially launches on February 27th.


New Champion: Coma The Shadeslinger

Quick and deadly, Coma can dish out powerful mid-range chained attacks. However, to sustain her damage output, the Shadeslinger must carefully choose when to manually reload her gun to avoid being caught out with an empty barrel.


  • Trigger Happy (Passive) – Every time an enemy Champion moves in a tile near Coma, she quickly shoots them. This passive can trigger multiple times during each turn as long as Coma has enough bullets.
  • Reload
  • Coma reloads her gun and heals herself.
  • Barrage
  • Coma unloads her gun against a single target, dealing damage for each fired bullet.


New Exclusive Skin: Heartbreaker Coma

Like the official INSIDIA Facebook page and tag a friend under the Valentine’s Day post to earn the exclusive Heartbreaker Coma skin!

This limited time event lasts until 21st February.





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