Intergalactic Transfer Station

Tens of thousands passengers daily from different planets change their spaceships in the famous Intergalactic Transfer Hub. That’s your turf. Your work. Your life. Here, you control everything: from sending spaceships to docks through eliminating alien viruses to building special defense perimeters.

Build & manage your Intergalactic Transfer Hub. Receive travelers and dock ships. Help passengers transfer, but also control them. Expand your hub, build shops. Take care of everyone’s needs. Increase profits, change taxes. But beware: dangerous diseases and asteroids may alter your plans!


Expand your station

Your Intergalactic Transfer Hub has to expand constantly to receive more and more passengers. You may buy as many platforms as you want. Build and remodel shops, improve your facilities and upgrade machines. Take care of different alien species, building hotels for chlorine-breathing beings or restaurants for creatures fond of lava food. Optimize your station design to increase passengers flow, arranging corridors, shops and waiting areas to your exact needs. But do not forget about the station’s defenses!


Receive travelers

Every spaceship brings travelers from different planets. You decide when and where it will dock. And you have to help passengers find their connections. But travelers will also spend time in your Intergalactic Transfer Hub, where they can eat, shop, sleep – and spend money! Remember that different species have different needs. And some maybe dangerous!


Optimize economy

Make good use of the economic opportunities of the Intergalactic Transfer Hub. Check your income and expenses balance. Observe which businesses are most profitable. Change taxes and prices. But do not forget about your staff and passengers. All of them have to be happy and healthy. And, on top of all this, you also need to establish the good reputation of your Intergalactic Transfer Hub.

Key features:

Manage the docking of spaceships.

  • Take care of passengers.
  • Expand your transfer hub.
  • Control the economy on many levels.
  • Watch out for unexpected events.
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