Investigate the Supernatural in Apparition on PC this Halloween

Apparition, the first-person survival horror game from Fat Dog Games and MrCiastku where players must capture evidence of the paranormal, brings haunting visages and terrifying demons to PC just in time for Halloween this Oct. 31, 2018.

Survive the night in a dangerous game of greed vs. risk as a veteran paranormal investigator seeking to discover what hellish secrets are hidden away in Green Creek. Apparition pits players against themselves by giving them the option to return to their car at any time and leave with their evidence for the night or chance it all by continuing to explore for additional points and upgrade materials.

Apparition 03

Communicate with ghosts through the Ouija Board and record chilling audio and video. Stumble into frightening new scenarios while minding your sanity. Craft useful tools to trap, evade and outsmart evil spirits. But exercise caution; prying too deeply into the mysteries of the forest means risking unforgiving encounters with demons that cannot be killed. Getting caught means it’s all over.

Climb Apparition’s leaderboards and exchange earned points to improve cameras, audio recorders, and motion sensing tech in a precarious venture to become the best paranormal investigator.

Apparition 04

Grow comfortable with the dead silence of the night, as Apparition provides no comforting background tunes. Listen for distant footsteps and ghostly howls in the haunted forest, as these are often the only warnings of what’s to come. If the horrors that lurk in the trees can be clearly seen, it’s too late.

Apparition 10

“Apparition is a chilling experience inspired by every spooky story and boogeyman we’ve grown up with,” said Darek Skrzypkowski, CEO, Fat Dog Games. “Its ability to frighten reminds me of why the internet age has provided us with a renaissance for horror fans and proves why games are an amazing medium for horror.”

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