Ironsmith Medieval Simulator with a free prologue for PC

Ultimate Games S.A. has revealed detailed information about Ironsmith Medieval Simulator, which is headed to PC. The new title will offer a unique blend of blacksmithing and RPG elements. The developers have announced, among others, hundreds of items to craft, rich shop expansion options and a unique story. A free prologue for the simulator is now available on Steam. In Q3 2020 Ironsmith Medieval Simulator will enter Early Access.

Ironsmith Medieval Simulator is being developed by the Polish independent studio The Epic Lore. It will be published by Ultimate Games S.A. and Gaming Factory S.A. The free prologue is now available on Steam.

“The demo is just a little taste of the game. Players will get to experience some of the basic mechanics, while the full version will be much more extensive. Ironsmith Medieval Simulator is the kind of game we would like to play ourselves. Through all the years of the gaming industry’s development, blacksmiths were basically treated as the background for RPGs. It’s high time to change it” – said Radosław Kaśkiewicz from The Epic Lore.

Ironsmith Medieval Simulator 04 (press material)

The Epic Lore’s project is an ironsmith simulator with RPG elements, focused on a single-player experience. The developers also plan to implement co-op multiplayer.

The core of the game will consist of working in a blacksmith’s shop – crafting a whole range of products, from nails through great swords to dragon armour. The main plot will also play an important role. It will focus on a war-time story and partially depend on the quality of the player’s work at the blacksmith’s shop.

Ironsmith Medieval Simulator 06 (press material)

Your time at the forge will not be tedious. It is a job that stimulates creativity. We provide players with an array of possibilities, enabling them to create the equipment they want. They will be able to assemble every part of the sword or armour themselves. We are preparing a wide range of available activities related to, among others, the choice of the type of metal to use, the appearance of the equipment, unique engravings, gems and other additional elements” – explained Radosław Kaśkiewicz.

Ironsmith Medieval Simulator 03 (press material)

Ironsmith Medieval Simulator – main features:

  • the life and work of a medieval ironsmith;
  • hundreds of products to craft (from nails to dragon armour);
  • unique story in a fantasy setting;
  • total freedom when creating equipment;
  • rich shop expansion possibilities;
  • economic elements;
  • many side quests and jobs;
  • a bonus co-op mode.

Ironsmith Medieval Simulator 02 (press material)

The ironsmith simulator will launch on PC (Steam Early Access) in Q3 2020. Ultimate Games S.A. does not exclude the possibility that the game will also hit consoles at a later date.

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