It Takes Two Review – PC

In my eyes a game of the year candidate! Aside from the story being a bit cheesy, It Takes Two has gameplay any true gamer will love. Every aspect of the production from top to bottom is stellar. It is amazing how the developers turned a normal everyday suburban house into an immersive environment masterpiece. While it does lack replayability the unique co-op experience makes up the for the price tag of $39.99
  • Amazing production
  • Unique co-op experience
  • Blended game genres
  • No replayability what so ever
  • Only 10 - 14 hours of gameplay
Gameplay - 10
Graphics - 10
Audio - 10
Replayability - 3
Controls - 10

The story of Cody and May a couple in a small town on the brink of divorce. Caught in the middle a child named Rose who desperately wants her parents to remain together, so she turns to the “Book of Love”. “It Takes Two” is Hazel Lights Studios’ follow-up to “A Way Out” featuring a similar unique 2 player only split-screen gameplay style. It Takes Two is an action, adventure, platformer, MOBA, fighting, racing, and umm yeah you get it the game has tons of different modes blended in that you will encounter throughout the journey to save your family priced at $39.99.

This title is such a breath of fresh air! We as a gaming society have become so stuck in the queue as of late. We are always worried about balance changes and get upset about nerfs to our class or character, it a constant QQ. I like to call these types of games “DVD Games” because it’s literally like playing through a movie. Looking at this title strictly from a gameplay perspective I cannot imagine why anyone would not enjoy this game. Throughout your adventure, you will experience so many different types of gameplay modes that pay respect to all the different genres in the industry. No joke at one point you are in a full-on 2D Fighting game battling a rodent on top of an airplane made of Cody’s Drawers. At heart, the game is a 3D platformer that introduces new items to Cody and May at each level which change the mechanics of the entire game. So much thought was put into this title.

Creativity is off the charts! It is amazing how the developers turned a normal everyday suburban house into an immersive environment masterpiece. We played on a predator x38 4k ultrawide monitor which looked absolutely stunning. Every aspect of the production from top to bottom is stellar. Sound, lighting, cut scenes, voice acting you name it its AAA quality production. Play this game with someone close to you and it will enhance the gameplay experience 10-fold. While the story may be a bit cheesy it did have a great message that really compliments the gameplay. I found myself lost in the environment spending time playing the random side games which contribute absolutely nothing towards your progression of the game. Communication is a must not only to progress in the game but also enhances the co-op experience. It Takes Two was one of if not the best co-op experiences I have ever had.

So, I think where I have noticed some lash back is in the replayability department. I get it… The game has no collectibles and game director Josef Fares specifically said that replayability was not a focus. I agree there is no replayability in It Takes Two but that being said I still think it’s well worth the price. You would pay around $20 for 2 people to go watch a movie that lasts 2 hours and for $20 more you get 10 – 14 hours in It Takes Two. Hands down what makes this game the most fun is who you are playing it through with. While the story remains the same both Cody and May have quite different roles which mechanically give you at least 2 new experiences So let’s call it between 20 – 28 hours of gameplay. Let it sit for a few months then out of nowhere your old high school friend calls you up and get 12 more. Bottom line it’s mega worth the $39.99.

I am going to say this on record I think It Takes Two should be a candidate for game of the year. That being said we still have a lot of releases left in 2021! But the bar has been set high in the creativity and production department. I wish more people would play this game. Only one person has to own it and the other can play on a friend pass so no excuses people!

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