Its Love in Space As Warframe Valentine’s Update Launches

Instantly Unlock the Sci-Fi Action Game’s 52nd Warframe Citrine or Jump into Classic Defense Missions with a Twist to Earn the Guardian Warframe and Discover A Tragic Love Story.

The crystal bastion Citrine makes a shimmering debut today in Citrine’s Last Wish as the 52nd Warframe to join Digital Extremes’ ever-growing roster of playable space warriors. In Citrine’s Last Wish, players will discover an ancient love story rife with tragedy told through new Mirror Defense missions – classic defense missions with a twist – as they battle an onslaught of powerful enemies to reunite two crystal-encased lovers lost to time and space. Players can instantly unlock Citrine today, along with her exclusive Weapons, Customizations, and Accessories, with Platinum, or earn her mighty defenses by collecting rewards from Mirror Defense missions to farm Citrine’s blueprints.

An abundance of handsome rewards makes a debut alongside Citrine’s Last Wish for players to engage with. Go hands-on with the Crystal Bastion Collection and harness an endearing, and powerful, assortment of Weapons and Accessories, including the Corufell Heavy Scythe and Steflos, Citrine’s Kalite Helmet, and Alumeti Sugatra, along with a variety of decorations.

Fashion Framers will relish the opportunity to enhance their Arsenal with a variety of new Customizations making a debut in Warframe’s Citrine’s Last Wish update, including the Rhino Deathwatch Deluxe skin for Rhino, a new Ember Voidshell Skin, and Augments. An exciting new category of Drifter face tattoo Customization is also launching today to further personalize their own unique look. The Multiform Visage Ink Bundle includes an eclectic variety of expressive fact tattoo designs by way of the Cloned Flesh Visage, Taxmen Visage, Devotion Visage, and Gneissic Ink Collections. All aforementioned Customizations launching with Citrine’s Last Wish can be purchased from the in-game Warframe Market for Platinum.

Additional quality-of-life improvements will enhance Warframe players’ in-game experience today, including adjustments to the Tauforged Archon Shard “pity” system, open-world lighting, cloth-smoothing technology, and added status effect buffs.

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, GeForce Now, Microsoft Windows, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S

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