It’s time to feel the football thrill! Turbo Soccer VR launches today

After a successful release of Turbo Soccer on mobile devices, Dodo4Story Games is ready to conquer the hearts and minds of all virtual reality fans. Turbo Soccer VR launches today with the support of Kamil Grosicki. Grosicki, the ambassador of the game, is the leading player of the Polish football national team, which is about to start its journey in the football world cup.

You can now play as Kamil Grosicki before he even gets on the pitch in Russia! Put on your VR goggles and feel like a professional player by scoring goals or saving your team from losing them. Get on a virtual pitch to put a spectacular finishing touch, execute free kicks and penalties, pass the ball with deadly precision!

Turbo Soccer VR is a football simulator designed for virtual reality, using HTC Vive goggles. Play as a real football player in innovative replay mode and enact real football plays! Take part in an exciting football match as a striker or a goalkeeper and get on a digital football field.

After putting on a VR headset, players are taken to a virtual soccer field, where they can see everything from the first person perspective. Depending on the game mode they choose, they can score goals, pass the ball or become the goalkeeper and save their team from losing a goal. Thanks to special sensors placed on players’ hands and feet, game detects their moves, allowing to transpose them into what the virtual player does.

Turbo Soccer VR uses HTC Vive, a head-mounted VR set with goggles and wireless hand- and feet-attached controllers. Thanks to the accelerometer, gyroscope and two laser sensors, users can kick the ball with high precision, parry a shot as a goalkeeper or freely turn and look around the digital field.

VR Soccer

Kamil Grosicki is one of the best players of the Polish national soccer team and English Championship Club, Hull City A.F.C. Previously he played for teams such as Turkish Sivasspor or French Stade Rennais.

Key game features:

  • Like on a real field – VR goggles will make you feel as if you were on a pitch in real life
  • Goals are scored with feet, not thumbs – sensors attached to your shoes will allow you to shoot on goal
  • Be whoever you want to be – play as a midfielder known for assisting, the king of the penalty area or an agile goalie
  • Recreate plays from the most famous games – do in virtual reality what Kamil Grosicki did on the pitch
  • Shooting mode – face challenges with increasing difficulty and earn points
  • Striker mode – pass defenders and put the finishing touch
  • Tournament mode – face the best national teams from around the world and raise your dream trophy

Turbo Soccer VR launched on Steam today at $24,99 (with a 10% launch discount). Turbo Soccer is also available in a mobile version on Android and iOS devices.

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