Joggernauts Original Game Soundtrack Now Available

Materia Collective is thrilled to release the Joggernauts (Original Game Soundtrack) with music composed by Robert Frost III. This upbeat space adventure soundtrack will have listeners bopping their heads and tapping their feet to the incredibly catchy and zany space tunes touching on everything from funk and dance to bluegrass and spacey sci-fi. The Joggernauts (Original Game Soundtrack) is now available now:


Joggernauts (Original Game Soundtrack) on Bandcamp
Joggernauts (Original Game Soundtrack) on iTunes
Joggernauts (Original Game Soundtrack) on Spotify

“Joggernauts takes place on three alien moons (Plazlip, Splizorp, and Zlopari) orbiting some backwater planet. Each of these worlds have a different aesthetic, and all of my songs use that aesthetic to define its tonality and melodic themes. I did this so players can feel when they leave one world and move to the next. Different lead instruments are used to further create this separation. For example, a silly/cheesy banjo patch was used for the majority of Plazlip’s songs because of it’s swampy/forest aesthetic.”

Key themes include “Jog My Breath Away,” a funky electronic space rock tune representing the vastness of space around Zlopari, “Snore More Swamp,” a catchy bluegrass polka with a froggy twist to accompany the bouncing mechanic featured in this stage, “JNTS-1701-D,” a punky song incorporating the main theme used for the spaceship menu to lend the ship its own unique character, “Conveyor And A Prayer,” an etherial junk jazz track with gear clicks as a rhythmic element, and “Lave Laser Lever Level,” a garbage electronic drone rock performance with a reggaeton groove used for the final level of the game.

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