Join Hardcore Tactical Mobile FPS Arena Breakout’s Closed Beta

Ultra-Realistic Shooter to Deliver 60FPS on Latest Mobile Devices with Immersive Combat, Console-Quality Visuals, and Deep Weapon Customization.

MoreFun Studios Group, a subsidiary of Tencent Games, the world’s leading game development, publishing, and operations platform, has announced the launch of the first Closed Beta Test (CBT) for hardcore tactical first-person mobile shooter Arena Breakout. The CBT will be available from November 18th to December 1st, and players can download and enjoy the game throughout this period.

Players can join Arena Breakout’s Closed Beta Test HERE:

Arena Breakout is a free-to-play, realistic, tactical FPS on mobile with immersive gunplay with console-quality graphics and sound. Players can customize their weapons with the Ultimate Gunsmithing system and choose their gear to fight for fortune and break out for the win. Sell and trade in the game’s open market system for profit. Build your cache over time, but the loot isn’t yours until you make it out alive! In Arena Breakout, you only keep your gear with victory, making this battle a great gamble!

Arena Breakout features real-time dynamic rendering for an immersive, console-quality experience running at a stable 60 FPS on the latest mobile devices. A dynamic weather system, life-like shadows, volumetric cloud technologies, and more than 1,200 sound effects deliver shockingly realistic visuals and audio.

The game’s state-of-the-art light adaptation system adjusts as players move from dark to bright places, mimicking how the human eye would actually adjust in real life. Sunsets sway on moving water, smoke and dusk fly into the air with every grenade explosion, and clouds change patterns in the sky.

Arena Breakout will include two game modes: “Tac Ops” and “Covert Ops.” In “Tac Ops,” you will enter the raid as a task force member. Prepare weapons, gear, and supplies in the warehouse before entering the raid. In “Covert Ops,” you will enter the raid as a rogue with random weapons, gear, and supplies.

Arena Breakout‘s cutting-edge AI system allows computer-controlled enemies to plan out their own attack routes according to the player’s movements. Enemies determine suitable bunkers to engage with the player according to the terrain and even outflank and ambush the player. In “Covert Ops,” players must carefully strategize to gain the upper hand. Rogues aren’t just cash machines, but real threats.

In both modes, it is necessary to plan the best route to the extraction point. When players find themselves surrounded, they can discard some of their items to ensure an on-time extraction. Otherwise, they’ll be overwhelmed by the enemy and lose everything

One of the most important elements of any FPS is its guns. Arena Breakout‘s firearm designs are near 1:1 replicas of their real-world counterparts.

Customize your favorite firearms via the game’s Ultimate Gunsmithing System. Mix and match more than 700 parts to fit in over 10 modification slots. For each modification part, players can select high, medium, low, and multi-grade materials, as well as a variety of accessories. Players have the freedom to choose firearms according to the changing conditions on the battlefield.

Example: The mechanical sights of some weapons are difficult to use, especially if the enemy is positioned on complex terrain. It’s almost impossible to aim without modifications. Equip it with an easy-to-use sight and improve recoil by modifying the muzzle, grip, and stock to enhance the accuracy of the weapon’s burst fire.

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