Independent developer VICO Game Studio, and CHIKARA, the wrestling innovator renowned for its family-friendly style of professional wrestling that reaches millions of fans in over 40 countries, announced today that CHIKARA: Action Arcade Wrestling (CAAW) will be launching on October 8 on Steam. As the only licensed game of CHIKARA, gamers can choose from over 30 official CHIKARA wrestlers in this over-the-top, wrestling game inspired by the fast paced and intuitive commands of the glorious arcade wrestling games of the ‘90.

Creative design is a founding principle of the CHIKARA brand, and through CAAW’s Wrestle Factory Creation Suite, players can unleash their imagination to create any type of wrestling hero and arena. Tons of customization options are available in the Wrestle Factory Creation Suite, as demonstrated in this brand new Wrestle Factory Walkthrough video courtesy from our Youtube friends at newLegacyINC!

For gamers and wrestlers alike who are anxious to dive into the Wrestle Factory, head over to the Steam page at 10 AM PST on Friday, September 27 to download for free!

“We want CHIKARA: Action Arcade Wrestling to be the game that wrestling fans have been missing and for anyone that just loves over-the-top fun,” states Dave Horn, executive producer for CHIKARA: Action Arcade Wrestling. “I really feel we’ve nailed the core aspects of the CHIKARA brand of wrestling that will appeal to the fanatic CHIKARA fans and gamers that have been wanting a fast and no-frills arcade wrestling game.”

Welcome to the world of CHIKARA: Action Arcade Wrestling… a game that combines the quick action found in arcade wrestling games with the theatrical flair only found in the independent wrestling phenomenon, CHIKARA. Step through the ropes in this fast-paced, arcade wrestling extravaganza that’s easy to pick up with plenty of depth for the most seasoned wrestling gamer to keep coming back for more! With full game controller support, choose from a roster of 30+ authentic CHIKARA wrestlers, executing their signature moves and superhuman abilities in the most over-the-top wrestling game ever conceived.

CHIKARA: Action Arcade Wrestling’s Key Features:

  • Stars of CHIKARA – Over 30 official wrestlers, complete with their over-the-top lucha libre antics to faithfully represent CHIKARA Pro including Fire AntSolo DarlingHallowickedDasher Hatfield, and many more!
  • Customization Galore – The FREE Wrestle Factory Creation Suite puts more creative power in the hands of players. Loads of wrestler and arena options are available including body morphing, texture uploads, move set assignments, particle systems, physics-based accessories and more. Create fearsome monsters, favorite super heroes, rasslin’ icons… go crazy with the creative freedom of the Wrestle Factory!
  • Retro Gameplay Action Satisfaction – Intuitive two-button controls allows players of all ages and skill levels to easily jump into the arcade wrestling mayhem.
  • Online Ruckus – Up to 10 players can jump into an online match – bring the smackdown to opponents across the globe!
  • A Match for Every Style – Many different game modes are planned including One vs. One, Traditional Tag Team, Tornado Tag, Trios, 10-Person Battle Royal, Three-way and Four-way dances, Elimination matches, and more!

Built using Unreal Engine 4, CHIKARA: Action Arcade Wrestling will be launching on October 8 on Steam so be sure to add the game to your wishlist.

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