International leading Virtual Reality content publisher and developer FIBRUM has announced today that their immersive VR FPS Space Ops VR previously released in Steam will be released on Viveport on 18th July.

Since it’s initial release in May, Space Ops VR got several major patches and a content update with AI behavior upgrades, daily quests and much more.

Space Ops VR is a tournament in which elite soldiers train to fight for Earth against dangerous alien life around the galaxy. Space Ops VR, a brand new First Person Shooter can be played either in solo or co-op modes. You’ll even be able to compete for the best scores on leaderboards if that’s your thing. PvP modes will also feature 1v1 duels or 2v2 team battles.

Space Ops VR Key Features

  • Extended coop experience
  • Advanced skill-based matchmaking
  • Competitive PvE/PvP gameplay
  • Daily Quests
  • Unique futuristic weapons, with different damage types such as Kinetic, Beam, and Plasma
  • Tons of grenades and gadgets to send your foes flying and make the enemies wet themselves
  • Customizable characters
  • In-Game Progression System that gives ranks and other goodies to skilled players.
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